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Basket Making

Basket Weaving Reed: How Are They Used?

Image source Over time, basket making was able to preserve the traditional way it started. Even with the continuous improvements on the basket weaving materials, the use of conventional materials is still practice and preferred today. They are, after all,…

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Crocheting a Baby Blanket Made Easy

40 Popular Crocheting Patterns for Blankets

Image Source There is no question that crocheting is wonderfully amazing and relaxing leisure and pastime. Even though you may have never tried holding a crochet needle, there are several things and crafts that you can end up creating. This…

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Crocheting 101 for Beginners
Crocheting a Baby Blanket Made Easy

How Does Stamping in Metal Work?

Cover Image Source Stamping metal is a good idea to add some sort of customization to your jewelry. You can stamp dates, initials, or names into the blanks or metal tags that you can easily attach to bracelets and necklaces….


Getting to Know the Ancient Art of Tatting

Cover Image Source Tatting is one great technique of producing a beautiful, unique-looking lace with intricate designs. Shuttle lace or tatting, as the name implies, involves the use of the thread-carrying tatting shuttle that has been pointed on the tips….


How to Make DIY Potpourri Spray

Cover Image Source It is always nice to wake up and enter a fresh smelling room all the time. It uplifts your mood and lets you focus on the things you want to do. Aside from that, a room that…

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Beading Bracelets Guide

Image Source If you are looking for any sign, this is the one for you. Start your jewelry beading journey now! It’s reasonably enjoyable and simple. You don’t have to fret about it! Contrary to what you may think, beading…

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Soap Making

Basic Soap Making Kit

Cover Image Source Soap making is an enjoyable hobby everyone grows interested in. Aside from making colorful and natural soaps, homemade soap making is also about promoting all-organic ingredients to enjoy things without the harmful chemicals that can harm you…