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It is always nice to wake up and enter a fresh smelling room all the time. It uplifts your mood and lets you focus on the things you want to do. Aside from that, a room that smells nice adds a wonderful touch on your home and making it a clean, well-aired, and a fun place to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Most people rely on using the chemical air fresheners found in the supermarket. However, these are very harmful to yourself and the environment. It can also trigger asthma and allergies. To prevent them, it is better to make potpourri spray made from all-natural and safe ingredients.

Potpourri Spray

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The best thing about this spray is it is made of ingredients that are easy to get and buy. With all the natural ingredients, there is an assurance that no harm will happen to you and the environment. You get to keep the planet safe and keep your body healthy as well.

Another best thing about potpourri spray is that you can carry it wherever you go. You can simply spray it all around your office or bathroom stall to keep the bad smell away. You can keep inside your bag and ready whenever you want to use it.

One of the most famous potpourri sprays is the poo-pourri spray, which can eliminate bad odor in the bathroom after you use it. It’s very helpful, especially when you don’t want the next person to use a bad-smelling bathroom stall. It is fairly easy to do. Learn how to make your potpourri spray, and you will never get a whiff of any bad smell.

Potpourri Spray Using Natural Ingredients

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There are different combinations you can try to make natural rooms sprays best for your house rooms.

These combinations will give the best smell perfect for each room.

Mixing vodka and some essential oils are one of the best natural homemade potpourris spray you can make. The vodka is known to keep the scent of the oil last longer.

  • To keep your bedroom fresh smelling, you can add vanilla vodka base and a vanilla essential oil.
  • For a neat and fresh smelling bathroom, a mixture of vodka and orange, lime, or lemon essential oil works best in keeping the smell nice and clean.
  • Another natural bathroom spray includes the following ingredients:
  • Water
  • Vodka or a Rubbing alcohol
  • Lavender Oil
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Vanilla Extract

You can even experiment with your favorite essential oils. Mix them with vodka, water, or alcohol. Put it inside a spray bottle and keep it where you want. Shake it well and spray it around your house to see how they would smell.

Natural Ingredients for Poo Pourri Spray

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Sometimes, there is no telling when and where you will need to use the bathroom, and there are also moments when your stomach will play tricks on you. You have no choice but to take a trip to the bathroom and let it all out. The constant and forever fear is leaving behind the after smell.

Though that is normal, it would be very unfortunate for the next user. To help you solve this problem, the poo pourri will do the trick. It is safe and easy to use. You will leave the bathroom stall, smelling like a garden without any traces of what had happened.

To get your poo pourri spray, gather all the following natural ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • Water or Vodka
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lemongrass Essential oil
  • Spray bottle

You can likewise use any essential oils you preferred. Pick the ones which have a refreshing and strong scent to fight the bad odor.

Wash the spray bottle clean and dry it before using it. You can have bigger ones for your home bathroom or small pocket-sized ones you can easily carry. It’s all on you.

Combine essential oils and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol or vodka will act as a stabilizer and turn the liquid into a milk-like substance. It’s easier for the water and the oil to mix because of this.

If the size of the spray bottle is small or 2 ounces, you can add ten to twenty drops of essential oils and a tablespoon or two of rubbing alcohol. However, the number of drops will depend on your preference. Also, make sure the essential oils are made of 100% natural ingredients. Put the mixture inside the spray bottle and shake well.

After mixing it well, add water till the spray bottle is full. It’s more useful to use distilled water so that no other chemicals are mixed into the poo pourri spray. Shake it well. Now, it’s ready to use.

How to Use your Poo Pourri Spray

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You don’t have to overspray a lot to take the bad smell away. You can simply spray more or less five times around the bathroom stall to purify the air. This way, the bad smell will dissolve. You can also use another method. This includes spraying into the toilet bowl’s water directly before you do let it all out. This creates a shield-like barrier that would trap the smell under it. Thus, the smell will stay on the toilet and won’t spread out. Flush it all down, and no one will ever know.


The homemade potpourri spray gives you an easy life hack without costing a lot of money. Compared to the ones sold in the market, the homemade potpourri spray is cheaper and made of all-natural ingredients that won’t harm you, other people, and the environment. Thus, you help save the planet from any toxic chemicals.

This would also help you be confident in using the bathroom and not leaving any unwanted bad smell. You can be confident wherever you want to go because of your homemade potpourri spray you can just easily carry. The next person in the bathroom will also thank you for it.

Be considerate of others and use natural and safe ingredients. Be creative and practical using these homemade potpourri sprays. Aside from that, the all-natural room potpourri spray will also keep your room and space smell fresh all day. It’s easier since you don’t have to boil them down, unlike stove pot potpourri. Just spray five or more times, and you are in a garden smelling room in no time.