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Beads are not for dresses and jewelry. They can be used for your hair too. Are you attending a music festival soon or looking for ways to get your summer hair ready? Level up your braids and locks with the different beading hair. You will never run out of styles to choose from. You can even have different beading hairstyles every day.

Beading hair has since become a fashion that most girls would love to try. Not only does it fix the hair in place, but it also creates a good look that will highlight your face, hair color, and features. Knowing how to use beads and beading hair will surely provide a new experience for you. Love your hair more by using hair beads and flaunt it well for the world to see. Read how you can learn how to do it.

Understanding Beads and Beading Hair

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Beads used for jewelry are different from hair beads. There are specific beads designed and made for hairs. These beads are available in some stores. Make sure to check the label, so you get the right beads for your hair. Just like jewelry beads, hair beads also come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can use these beads to style your hair from up and down or to secure the ends of the braids or unbraided strands if you don’t want to use hair ties.

Attaching the beads into your hair is possible in different ways. Some hair beads may come with hair beading tools, so it is easier to thread the beads into your hair. The hair beading tool is usually a crooked wire that will help you insert the bead and string it into the braids.

The other way is to insert the ends of the braid or hair into the hole of the hair beads and gently pull them upwards and until they are tight and secure. Now, you can recreate the hairstyles worn by women in your favorite TV series using your hair beads.

How to Use Beads for Beading Hair

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Here’s how you will learn the different ways of beading hair. You can practice and use these two ways. These are just the fundamental techniques. When you get to master them, you can create other complex hairstyles.

Braiding Hair Using a String

Get your string and beads ready. Then on one section of your hair, get three strands of hair to make a braid. You can choose to make thick or thin strands of hair depending on the size of your hair beads.

Next, tie the string around all three strands. Keep the knot tight and secure enough. Then, thread one bead into the string. Pull it up, so it is now on the part where the string is tied. Now, you can start braiding the strand together with the string. Alternatively, put beads on each side of the braid. You can choose how many beads you want to string. For one hair bead, you can have as much as ten beads.

Once you want to put the beads, insert it on the string and let it sit in the hair firmly, then continue braiding until it’s done. Or, instead of putting the beads separately, you can choose to stack them together at the end of the braid. Now, you have a braid of hair full of beads.

Braiding Hair Using a Hair Bead Tool

In this technique, you will need a hair bead tool, hair beads with large holes, and rubber bands. This technique is uncomplicated, and you will get the results instantly.

To start, you can braid your hair. The width of the braid will depend on the holes of the hair beads. If they are bigger, then make sure your braids will fit through it.

Once the braiding is complete, prepare the different beads and line them according to how you want to position them in your braid. Insert these beads into the hair bead tool. The bead you put first into the bead too is going to be at the bottom part of your braid.

Put the tip of your braid into the bead loop after adding the beads. Then, pull the braid through the beads by dragging on the bead tool. You will easily secure and string the beads into the braid.

To secure the beads in place, you can tie the ends using a rubber band. This way, the beads will not fall off. You can also push the beads higher to make sure they fit snugly on the braid. This is how you string your hair beads into your braid.


When it comes to hair and beads, nothing could go wrong. From your simple hairstyle to more creative ones, you can be more confident and happier with your hair. Your hair is your crown, and the beads are the jewelry of it. Let your crown sparkle with the beads!

Instead of damaging your hair with chemical products, give them a grand makeover using the hair beads. Not only do they give lesser stress on your hair, but they are also a good reason to take care of your hair better. Have a fun time braiding the beads and get the perfect hair look on every occasion.