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You are maybe interested in the arts and in creating something awesome through the use of a strategy or a tool that was used by Native American before.  Nowadays, there are some beaders who use the beading loom method in making accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and anklets.

It is so exciting to learn how to use a beading loom. If you already have the knowledge on how to use it, you will surely be able to make something incredible, and you will be able to create your own design.

Beading Loom: Usage and Ways

You should know the tools you need to prepare as well as the materials. Aside from that, you must know the steps and ways on how to use a beading loom. Here are the ways and strategies on how you should use a beading loom:

· Prepare the Equipments to Use

Materials and tools for Beading

You can use different tools as well as materials in doing the looming art. Make sure that you prepare all the tools for beading, and you have to choose those materials with good quality. Don’t forget to prepare the loom.

· Warping and Setting Up a Beading Loom

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Setting Up and Warping a Beading Loom Source

This step is quite difficult. You have to adjust the looms to your preferred height of your product before putting some beads. It is necessary that you know how to put warps in order for you to do it well.

· Adding Beads

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Adding Beads

After setting the warps and the looms, the next step is the putting of the beads. It is not so easy to put some beads on the 1st row of the looms. You need to be extra careful. Make sure that your beads are properly placed before you lock them. There might have something wrong with the spacing of the threads that you need to correct so that the result would be nice at the same time organized.

· Using Even Tension

To properly place the beads, it is important that the tension you put is even. There are strategies and ways on how to use an even tension so that your finished product will be perfectly made. You have to learn more about it, and you can also make a trial on how to use even tension.

· Ending and Adding Threads

You must know the technique on how to cut a thread and add a new thread. It is not necessary for you to use the long thread just to avoid of ending it. You can put a new thread in the middle of your work, just like the way you started making it.

· Weaving in Thread Tails

Before you finish the product, you need to tie off and weave the thread properly. Make sure you do it well because it might ruin your work. Remember, this is one of the most important steps in using a beading loom.

· Removing Beadwork from the Beading Loom

After tying off the thread, you need to know how to remove the beadwork from the beading loom. Make sure that you did the job well so that you will be able to easily remove your work from the loom and your work can’t be ruined.

· Finishing Option

You have to know what options to use when you have already removed the beadwork. It is important that you use the ideal cuff or hook for your beadwork. It should be suitable for the design and the color of your product. You can ask a friend or do some research if you have a difficulty of choosing the cuff or hook.

Types of the Looms

The ways on how to use the beading loom and the strategies would also depend on the type of looms you are going to use. There are a variety types of looms which you can choose according to your preference. You can find looms that can be brought anywhere due to their sizes. There are other looms wherein you will only have to get two threads of warps.

Aside from that, there are looms that are designed for other accessories, just like, for example earrings. You have many options on what looms to choose. You just need to choose something that is suitable for you.


The usage of the beading looms would depend on the type of looms you have. You need to do more research on the different types of looms so that you will be able to know how to use it. The most important thing if you want to try this method is that you have to know the proper materials to use and you have ideas or knowledge on how to do it right. Hence, you need to remember the important steps and things to consider if you want to make accessories using the beading loom.