Metal Stamping tools

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One booming business of all time is the making of various jewelry. As time went by, more creative ways to make newer, nicer designs have been made and thus led to the evolution of jewelry.

Metal stamping is one of the most popular forms in which a simple but meaningful message can already be shared with loved ones and friends. Through such a manner performed in a piece of jewelry, one person can express his or her love, appreciation, admiration, and gratitude.

To perform metal stamping to a selected piece of jewelry, you will need to use a metal stamping kit. Now, wondering what to find in a stamping kit metal? Here’s a sneak peek at those tools you will be able to dig from it.

More Information About Metal Stamping

From a clean sheet of metal to different shapes, metal stamping, or also called as “pressing” does all the job for you. It is a process that makes use of dies and stamping tools to perform high-speed pressing of similar metals for similar resulting designs and shapes.

The plain, raw metal used for metal stamping is called the “blank,” which is inserted into a metal stamping press and onto a die to form a certain shape and design.

Metal stamping involves other pressing techniques that you can use to form your desired output. Such techniques are the following:

  • Punching and Blanking are the techniques that use a die for the shaping of metals in different forms. Just a simple difference between the two is that punching involves the removal of a part of the metal to keep the desired portion. The metal is punched to deduct the unnecessary outer parts whereas blanking means to put out a blank or whole in the center of the metal of any shape. 
  • Flanging is done through the use of a flare or flange onto the metal workpiece. Dies, presses, or any flanging machinery are used to perform this.
  • Bending, on the other hand, refers to the rounding or molding of metal into L or V-shape that goes in a single axis. This results in plastic deformation.
  • Coining, a form of bending technique that involves the use of a die and a press or punch. While the workpiece is between the die and the press, this causes the deep penetration of the punch tip to the metal workpiece and resulting in repeated bending.
  • Embossing is the process of pressing the metal workpiece on a die that contains the design or shape that you desire to have. This may also be done by passing the blank metal through a metal die.

Types of Stamping Operations

Various operations on pressing or stamping kit metals are available today from which you can choose one that suits your way.

  1. Progressive Die Stamping is a kind that involves a series of stamping stations for the repeated process of pressing from the die to the press. A reciprocating stamping press awaits the metal coil that shall be inserted through. The process continues as the press moves along with the press and as the metal coil is being passed on to the next part.
  2. Transfer Die Stamping is a process wherein a conveyor belt is used to transport the metal coil from one part to the other. It is the transport machinery used for this process, which is similar to progressive die stamping except for the transferring in each part.
  3. Four-Slide Stamping is also called as multi-slide stamping that is perfect for the most complex designs of twists and bends. It uses four sliding tools for the shaping of the metal for multiple deformations.

What to Find in a Metal Stamping Kit

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For your personal use, basic metal stamping kits are now being sold in stores that are for easy and quick metal stamping processes. The most common tools to be found in a metal stamping kit are:

  1. Letter stamps and number stamps – used to customize your jewelry with the metal stamping designs of letters in lower and upper case. The height of letters to be used may be from 1/16″ to 1/2″ for more flexibility to your jewelry.

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  1. Punctuation metal stamps – these are sturdy steel hand stamps that help with customizing or personalizing your jewelry. The designs you can make through these metal stamps include hashtags, semicolons, dashes, and question marks.
  1. Metal Design Stamps – these are decorative metal stamps that put designs of timeless beauty into your jewelry. They can be made of various styles, images, and shapes depending on what you like to have. With metal design stamps, you are sure to get a collection of unique jewelry.
  2. Metal Stamp Organizers – aids in keeping your tools and metal stamps in place and not mingling with others inside your home or room.
  3. Metal Stamping Hammers – these are like ordinary hammers that help push and mold some of your desired designs, especially when using hard materials.
  4. Metal Hole Punches – obviously, these metal hole punches are used for making holes in your jewelry for additional design or maybe as borders, too.
  5. Metal Stamping Accessories – enhance the quality and appeal of your jewelry by using one or two of these accessories. They shall help you achieve the design you have always wanted.
  6. 3-D Stamping Blanks – these are blocks of metal that allows for some intricate and complicated designs to be made and transferred to another material. The image can be made completely visible in the material through these 3-D tools.
  7. Metal Shears – these are very handy tools that are used for sheet metals for designing your stamps easier and more detailed.
  8. Plated Metal Stamping Blanks – useful for making your own tags and charms are hanging in your neck with a necklace. These are lovely and durable, which hold up when used with metal stamped.
  9. Ring Blanks for Stamping – these are cute, ready-made metals with the shape of a ring that can be of varied sizes. The designs may vary, too, based on your request or on the available tools that you will use to make one.
  10. 26-Gauge Metal Stamping Blanks – they seem thin and simple but are very precious to be made into amazing designs for jewelry. It is very useful for simple and delicate designs due to such a thin structure.
  11. 24-Gauge Metal Stamping Blanks – compared with 26-Gauge Metal Stamping Blanks, these metal sheets can be made of aluminum, copper, brass, or sterling silver that are best to be made for thin pendants and charms.
  12. 16-Gauge and Artisan PewterStamping Blanks – soft and easy to mold into the desired shape. Because of that, expressing yourself would be easier and more creative, too.
  13. 14-Metal Stamping Blanks – these may be thicker than other metal sheets you have tried before but is also what makes it good materials for bracelets and bangles. Etching using ferric chloride is best to be done through this material.

Final Thoughts

Basically, almost everything you will need in order to make more creative and unique designs for your metal stamps is found inside a stamping kit metal. If planning to embark in one stamping or pressing job, take this with you as a guide for the success in this endeavor.