Besides the personal interaction, classic letters are one of the homiest types of communication you can give to your significant one or your valued person. Writing letters and then putting it on normal envelopes sometimes doesn’t add on how you want to express your feelings. Composing letter must be joined with improved spices of your skills.

A hit of your genuine feelings and creativity must be in, and these have now activated the idea of creatively stamping envelopes. Explore below on what are some things you can do to make your normal stamping envelopes into a professional and pretty stamping envelope.

Twenty (20) Fun and Creative Ideas for Stamping Envelopes

An old-fashioned handwritten mail carves beautifully into your heart. Before you read the message, a feeling of happiness may surface in just by looking at how beautiful the appearance of the stamping envelope is. Thus, what more if the message is added?

Composing letters can be a form of remedy and also an incredible ability to show our feelings simply. Hence, this is now why we should not only stick on the plain envelope, instead flip your creativity and add beautiful hues of your flavors.

Hand Lettering

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  • Being an expert calligrapher is not the central way on how to do this design. Your normal penmanship, spicing it up a bit would already do.
  • However, if you are a perfectionist, then you can utilize the “faux calligraphy”. Faux Calligraphy is a method in which you imitate the designs by employing the fineliners.

Enhanced Penmanship (The Cheater’s Way)

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  • If you are not confident with your penmanship, then you can use the cheater’s way. This method, you will use a carbon-copy paper.
  • Printout the words you’ve wanted to put in the envelope and then trace it to your envelope with carbon-copy paper.

Enhance Your Doodles

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  • Bring out the doodles which you always do when you were young.
  • Spicing up your envelope with some doodles of flowers, leaves, vines, or anything that you’ve wanted to doodle.
  • However, do not overdo it! Always make sure that the address letters are still legible.

Utilize Vintage Envelopes

  • There are two ways on how to achieve and use the vintage envelope.
  • First, the simple step, you can buy it around in the malls or in a store.
  • Second, using coffee and a plain envelope. Add water to your coffee and stir it, once it is not hot, you can soak your envelope on it. The color of the coffee will result in an old-type envelope. You can either splash some parts of the envelope if you don’t want to soak it.

Creative Washi Waves

  • You only need a scissor and washi tapes to do the washi waves.
  • A normal or with design (curve) scissor can be utilized. If you only got a normal scissor, you can add some waves by curling the moment you use the scissors.

Use Colorful Stamps

  • A normal stamp may not result in an aesthetically look of your envelope.
  • Use some colorful stamps as you can buy them within the stores or in a shop. Choose the colors and images that will fit to what design you wanted to achieve.

Geometric Layouts

  • You can enhance your stamping envelope by drawing different types of geometric shapes.
  • You can add some colors to the shapes by using colored pens or pencils.
  • The other way is by means of cutting the shapes using colored papers.

Use Polka Dot Styles

  • You can doodle the polka dots through your envelope.
  • Instead of doodling it, there is another way on how to put polka dots in your envelope. You need to have pencils that are new, or not, as long as the erasers are still intact and also ink pads. Use the back (eraser) of your pencil by stamping it to the ink pads then put it in your envelope.

Tape Lightweight Materials

  • Taping lightweight materials through your envelope will spice the goodness of its look.
  • If you are sending a birthday letter, then you can easily add a small candle with it.
  • You can add any material as long as it’s lightweight and won’t ruin your design.
  • Instead of gluing it, use some washi tapes to add more designs.

Real Petals or Flowers

  • If you love flowers, you can attach a real flower or its petals on your envelope.
  • Embellish it by using some designed or washi tapes.
  • If you are using petals, using glue is the most appropriate way.
  • You can put the petals together in one place or crash it at some point.

Use a Used Map or Paper

  • This design does not necessarily mean that cutting some parts of your used paper or maps, instead, you can also make your own envelope by using used maps or papers.
  • Using maps or used papers would make your envelope as good as a professional stamp envelope.

Silver Dust or Glitters

  • Adding some glitters or silver dust on your envelope would result in a sparkly one.
  • Please remember that do not overuse the glitters as it may add weight to your paper, and do not put all parts as the address part may be occupied.

Enhanced Tissue Paper

  • You can use the tissue paper as some holder part if you wanted to put some materials in the front of your envelope.
  • On the other hand, you can also customize your envelope by using tissue paper. However, be careful in tapping or adding the glue as it can be as thin as it is and easy to break. Thus, you need soft hands to enact this well.

Images from a Magazine

  • Stack magazines at your home can be used well when it comes to designing envelopes. You can browse through the pages and find some suiting photos which you like and paste it in your envelope.
  • Add some few extra touches by doodling or putting other things.

Paint your Envelope

  • We all are artistic in our own ways, and painting envelopes doesn’t mean that you should have the high skills of being a painter.
  • Fundamental skills in painting are good and pour all your sentiments onto; henceforth, it will result in an artistic envelope.
  • If you do not want to trust your skills, then you can ask the internet for some sample arts and get some inspiration on it.

Adding Ribbons

  • Instead of gluing your envelope to close, you can use ribbons to close on it.
  • Another alternative way to tie on it is by using some ropes.

Origami on Envelope

  • If you want a minimalistic design, then you can only put some simple origami within your envelope. There are various styles of origami that you can put on it.
  • Origami will add life not just in the appearance of your envelope, but also on the impact of your message. It’s better to put a specific type of origami according to your message.

A Sketch Image

  • Sketching different types of art or vectors are good when it comes to designing your stamping envelopes.
  • This can be associated with doodles but this has more of the definite style.
  • Great usage of sketching is by putting the image of the one who will receive your letter.

Melted Candle Wax – Vintage Style

  • If you want to retain the old style of sealing the stamping envelope, then you can achieve it by using candle wax.
  • If you have some spare colors that are not used, you can make this as the substitute to the candle wax.

Cute Pictures from the Internet

  • If you are in a hurry or got no long time designing your stamping envelopes, then your best option is to surf the internet and find some cute images that you like.
  • Just put it well and make sure that the images you are using are HDs.


There are a lot of things which you can add, design, or put in your stamping envelopes. Your creativity must be the major resource of nurturing your stamping envelopes. You just need to let out all the things you wanted to put, or you can just freely put some things that can be found within your house. The list above is just one of the hundreds and hundreds of fun and creative ideas that you can enact. Do not slip the thought out of your mind that you will be doing this to express your warmth towards the person you are sending it to.