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Where did wreaths originate?

Wreaths have been around for centuries as a cultural symbol across European and American communities and families. And even beyond the Western culture, it has been around for thousands of years in the Ancient East. Its perennial evergreen, though, poses a remarkable representation of two of the most established and well-known society and culture. First is the Greco-Roman culture and their famous Laurus Nobilis, or laurel wreaths. For the Greeks and Romans, laurel wreaths are the symbol of excellence, victory, and honor, worn by champions, nobles, and kings. The second is Christianity, and the symbol of Jesus Christ’s life and resurrection. Jesus, who Christians claim as “having no beginning and end,” is represented by the wreath, which is mostly noticed in the Advent or Christmas period. 

Wreaths are for everyone!

Nowadays, people can share grief and comfort with a person’s loss by giving them a funeral wreath. Nevertheless, the thought of the green leaves and fragrant flowers allows people to live happily together and be comforted. But the best thing about wreaths today is that they are not the old cultural or societal symbol anymore. Instead, people now consider wreaths as an aesthetic decoration that is within our reach by using our creativity. Isn’t that amazing? No matter the day or month, wreaths are present to dazzle our households with elegant colors and elaborate textures.

Wreath identity lies in what?

There are many ways and variations as to how people make wreaths, but the most popular and widely accepted form of a wreath is the circular form. Here are the essential characteristics:

  • A wreath is a wreath if it’s round that is mostly placed in a circular base. Metal or wood can be used as a material in making the base.
  • There are numerous green leaves. It is not restricted to any specific shade. 
  • Flowers, too, that overflows with positive colors. 
  • Dried or not, yes, that is still a wreath.

What’s the easiest wreath to do?

Most American and European homes nowadays opt to use ribbon wreaths to usher guests and relatives inside their homes. Its fancy look enthralls and captivates those who enter. This kind of reception in a home often means that it is a sweet home of a loving family. And we have a secret tip here. Making ribbon wreaths is the most inexpensive way to get you started in earning the wreath-making skill. We have lots of ideas to get you going and create a beautiful wreath for your family. Let’s get our ribbons, shall we?

How do we make a trendy wreath out of a ribbon?

To prepare a ribbon wreath, we recommend you to use materials that you have easy access to, so that you can make your wreaths quickly and cheap before getting into the fancy of using expensive materials. We must learn to use our creativity and provide the resources we already have at home. Who knows, wreath-making maybe the long-lost craft that would turn you into an entrepreneur or an artist?

4 Style Christmas Ribbon Wreath

Christmas season is the most popular time to decorate our houses with wreaths. This 4-in-1 style for Christmas Ribbon wreaths made by Craig Bachman Imports, Inc. is a must-try for beginners and crafters alike. Enjoy this video from their channel: 

Materials to prepare:

  • 14” wire wreath frame (1)
  • 2.5” x 10” yards ribbon, color and design of your choice (red/moss/lime) (3)
  • 2.5” x 10” yards ribbon, multi-dots
  • 2.5” x 10” yards cross royal burlap burgundy (1)
  • Scissors
  • Zip ties (about 30)

Wreath Tips and Tricks

  • Quick and Easy – this does not require to make you glue and paste pre-cut ribbons. The trick is to put the beautiful and colorful wreaths together and fold them. It is the most efficient way to have clean ribbon folds with magical colors.
  • Ziplocs – instead of many cuts, using strong ties or Ziplocs will be a valuable tool to eliminate cutting and a pile of trash in the end.
  • Fold and fold – we’ll never know where our folding will go. Please do not cut it yet. The remaining unfolded ribbons are your tail end!
  • Pull apart – Now pull those ribbons you put together, and you’ll surely make a beautiful wreath.

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How to Make a Burlap Wreath: Pull-Through Method

Burlap wreath is an inexpensive ribbon to start your wreath-making journey. Its earth-tone color is perfect not only for the house or in-door decorations, but for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events. You will surely love burlap wreaths as they add positive vibes to the ambiance. It is a truly classic decoration. 

Again, this is easy, and the total cost for this project won’t break the bank! Check out This Southern Girl Can’s tutorial here:

Materials to prepare:

  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • 14” wire wreath frame (1)
  • Burlap ribbon

Burlap Tips and Trivias:

  • Burlap cloth is an eco-friendly way to make a modern yet elegant wreath. This suits minimalists and those who live zero-waste lives. In many agricultural countries, burlap comes from peanut sacks and is recycled to use again.

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  • Many don’t consider burlaps to be manila ropes, but the material of this ribbon is strong and durable, it will last many months and years as a fancy decoration. Without any other content to add to this wreath, it would still look grand and elegant and ethereal. 
  • You can also add small succulents or cacti in your burlap wreath. Just be sure to arrange it beautifully to make a good wreath design for your front door.