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Wreaths are not only popular during the Christmas season but they are a great addition to your home during any season. You can display them out front as Spring wreaths from late February up until the early Summer months. You can even put them out as Halloween wreaths when the season comes around.

There are a number of wreaths for sale online or in your local boutique shops, however, these can get quite expensive. The good news is that you can create your own wreath using Deco Mesh. In fact, these creative wreaths are quickly becoming one of the trendiest and hottest trends as of late. Search through the internet, and you will see a number of these eye-catching decorations in different styles and designs.

What is Deco Mesh?

Also known as geo mesh or poly mesh, deco mesh is made of durable, waterproof, and versatile material that can hold its shape despite any weather condition. They come in several sizes, colors, styles, and textures. They are also easy to cut, mold, and fold into whatever design you are working with. With all these features, it is no wonder why these materials are becoming more popular in the wreath making community.

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How to make a wreath using Deco Mesh?

For many years, deco mesh has been used by creatives, including designers and florists, to add life and color to their crafts. Here, we teach you the basics of making a wreath using this versatile material.

What You Will Need

  • 12 or 24-inch Wire Wreath Frame
  • Mesh Ribbon, 21 inch x 10 yard
  • Mesh Ribbon, 6 inch x 10 yard
  • Tube Ribbon
  • Extra ribbons, just in case
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Door Hanger
  • Screw Hooks and Wire
  • Ornaments, trimmings, and clips
  • Glue gun

What You Will Need to Do

Step 1 – Prepare the base by adding the pipe cleaners as twist ties to your wire wreath frame. Cover the entire upper side of the wreath with these ties by placing them about three inches apart. Alternate the patterns of the ties. Make sure to twist the ties firmly in place.

Step 2 – Starting on one end of a tie, gather the deco mesh and begin folding about six inches of the fabric to create a hem. Scrunch it together, attach it to the wireframe, and twist the tie tightly. Tuck in the ends of the fabric to ensure no strings are hanging.

Step 3 – Continue by gathering about eight to ten inches of your fabric to make loops and attaching them to the twist ties on the wire wreath frame. If you want a bigger loop, gather more inches. Smaller loops need fewer inches. Start around the inner ring first and then move to the outer ring. Cover the entire frame by making loops until you use up the entire rolls of mesh ribbons. Take your time and do not be in any rush.

Step 4 – Bunch the edge of the ribbon and pin it to an existing tie twist. You can also opt to add a new tie twist and attach. Fluff your mesh fabric by moving it around a bit until you get your desired shape and design.

Step 5 – Time to get creative by adding ornaments, trimming, and clips of your choice. Arrange them however you want and secure them in place using the hot glue.

Step 6 – Hang your wreath on your doorway, mantel, or fireplace. Remember to keep it away from direct sunlight, however, otherwise, the material will start to fade after a while.

The steps outlined above cover the basics of making a wreath using the deco mesh material. As mentioned, this decoration is a great addition to any home regardless of the season. Here are some suggested designs to match the different seasons across the entire year.

For Spring or Easter season, you can get make a fun Easter bunny deco mesh wreath. Arrange your wreath with an Easter bunny head, carrot bundles, some white daisies, and greenery. Or you can add ribbons with the color of your choice.

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Summer deco mesh wreaths can be filled with a rainbow of colors. You can add decorations that remind you of the hot, sunny season, including watermelons, sunflowers, and the beach. 

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For Halloween, you can get a hold of purple and orange deco mesh, black spray paints, string lights, and of course, some large spider and spooky skull decorations. 

Finally, for Christmas, you have a variety of seasonal decorations to choose from candy canes, Santa hats, gift ornaments, and mini Christmas trees.

As you can see, there are a number of design possibilities when using the deco mesh material as a wreath. Instead of spending money on store-bought decorations, you can create your own personalized wreath with as little as ten to twenty dollars. The internet is a great place for inspiration and ideas. Time to get crafty and creative!