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Nothing completes Christmas, like how a wreath does. It can create the Christmas look of the house, the room, or any walls. Wreaths are also the best alternative if you don’t want to get a big Christmas tree that may cause you a big hassle. They are convenient since they are smaller, easier to handle, and easier to make one’s own.

Wreath making for Christmas is something you need to consider. Instead of buying, decorate your house with fresh wreaths that will help give your house the Christmas scent. Plus, you will get to personalized the wreath. You can put whatever you want into it. Aside from leaves and flowers, there are also other things to use.

Get creative with your designs and think outside the box. You will be able to create unique wreaths that you can use even without the holidays. So, get started and create your wreath by following this wreath making steps for Christmas.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath

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Wreath making for Christmas doesn’t need a lot of supplies. There are only a few, and most of the tools are something you may own already. To get started, prepare the following materials:

  • A wreath metal circle
  • Clippers
  • 22-gauge paddle wire roll
  • Greeneries of your choice
  • Ribbons or Other added accessories

When it comes to deciding for the greeneries, you can start with the following greens:

  • Small branches of green spruce
  • Polar gold arborvitae
  • Spring grove arborvitae
  • Branches of cypress
  • Sticks on winter belly holly
  • Red dogwood twigs

Once you got everything ready, take the greeneries and group them. Make piles, so it is easier to bundle everything and do the design. Before piling, make sure the greeneries are cut to the sizes you want them.

First, attach your paddle wire into the wreath metal circle. Simply tie it securely around. You can tie it on the right side of the wreath where you will put the first set of greeneries. But you can also start wherever you are most comfortable with.

Wrap it around the wreath form a couple more times. Don’t cut the paddle wire. You can cut it later after everything is done.

Second, take your greeneries, arrange it, and make a nice and beautiful bundle. Take one or a couple of each. You can add anything that makes it more appealing. Play with colors to create a statement out of your bundle. However, be careful not to get the bundle a little too big, or the wreath will look overstuff and out of style.

The trick here is to adjust to the size of the wreathe metal circle. If you get a smaller one, cut your greeneries smaller and bigger if you have a big one.

Once you have the bundle ready, put it on top of the connected paddle wire. Secure it and wrap the wire three times around the lower part of the bundle to tightly put it in place.

Get your second bundle and arrange it well. Place it lower than the second bundle, but make sure it overlaps the first one, so the wires attached are covered. Slightly face the second bundle outward. Take the wires and wrap it again three times. For the third bundle, instead of facing it outward like the second one, face the third bundle slightly inward.

Do this alternately, one bundle facing outwards preceded by a bundle facing inward. This is to create a pattern and distribute the bundles nicely in the wreath metal circle.

To finish the wreathe and makes sure you got everything covered, you can use smaller bundles of greeneries to make sure everything is covered well, especially the first and the last bundles connected. Tie the last small bundles securely with wire.

If you want to add a little finishing touches, you can make a bow or some cut candles and design your way through your wreath. And this is how wreath making for Christmas is done.

Tips to Help you in Wreath Making for Christmas

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Get the best tips on wreath making for Christmas to get the best-looking wreath you can do. Follow these easy tips, and it will be easier to create one.

Get the Base Best for You

With so many wreaths base available, pick the one which suits best for you, whether it is a willow wine or some copper rings and circles. The classic ring shape works well with every decoration, but you can opt for other shapes and sizes, whichever suits your taste.

Pick Plants Properly

You wouldn’t want your wreath looking sad before the week will end. So, get the best plants that will dry out positively or already dried leaves and greeneries that will look awesome in the long run. Pick your plants properly well and research on the best greeneries to use.

Use a pattern

When it comes to arranging the bundles, you can use a pattern, get angles and shapes, which would determine the overall look of the wreath. This is to create the look and the design of the wreath.

Never cut the wire.

This is easier and will get a cleaner look on the wreath compared to wires cut down into smaller pieces and tied on the wreath. Uncut wires also keep the bundles secure and in place. It won’t be hard to layer everything to get a clean look.


The art of wreath making will surprise you. It may look detailed and laborious, but with practice, you will get to learn how to arrange and make your wreath. The best thing about doing so is you can create your designs and patterns while making use of colorful and amazing plants and greeneries available. Not only can you do it for Christmas, but all year round, to create the look of your house or room. You can get creative and use different things other than greeneries. You have so many options to choose from and discover. If you are interested in taking the challenge, get yourself ready for some techniques on wreath making for Christmas.