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Wreath making machine has a simple form without any need of assistance from a hammer. But it’s just a simple one as it is only made of a few parts so you would know that the moving parts are limited. However, users can depend on the machine’s efficiency and preciseness in creating a specific fit for the wreath. 

You can just buy the main, essential parts, which are the clamps and jaws. You can make your own clamp table and start forming wires for your wreath. You can run the machine by pedal, or you can turn it into a hand-held mechanism. These parts are made of metal, and they only need a little maintenance or nothing at all. 

The previous model of wreath making machine that needs a hammer for clipping is still available in the market. Some wreath makers still prefer this type. You can also get the electric-powered wreath making machine. 

But every machine needs to be taken care of so this article will show you how to keep your wreath making machine going for the succeeding years.

Aside from maintenance, one should know the proper way of handling and using it to avoid damages. These essential things are the reason why it’s possible to tightly and securely close clips. 

Proper Handling of Wreath Making Machines

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Hand-held Wreath Making Machine

It is a wreath-making machine that you can mount on a table or a workbench. It comes with a bracket and mounting hardware to mount it permanently. 


It’s best to do clamping that closes as much as possible to the jaw. It’s a technique to prevent deflection from happening. So, don’t make it away from the jaw. Parts should be centered most of the time to avoid making mistakes in the alignment. Don’t clamp two things at the same time, especially if the wires are intended for a different size. 


It is the aspect that is connected with force, and it is essential to the clamping force of the vise. But if it’s too much, it can damage some parts on a thin surface. Achieving the right tightness can be done in a repetitive pressure which should be applied moderately. Just be patient, and you can reach an accurate stance.

When tightening a vise, there’s no need to use a hammer or a cheater bar. The internal parts of a vise can’t stand too much pressure. The vise’s handle only requires minimal pressure so don’t push it. 

Wreath Making Machine with Pedal

Before you use a wreath making machine with a pedal, you have to make sure that all the parts have coordination. The rod should be in the same height as the gap between the table and the pedal. It should be connected with the spring too. Before starting to work, make sure the machine is anchored properly. 

See to it that the pedal touches the floor before you totally close the jaws. The connecting rod should be standing straight and it goes up and down smoothly when you step on the pedal. 

Minimal Maintenance for Every Wreath Making Machine

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The parts of the wreath making machine only need minimal maintenance and some think they don’t need to. But clinging to the saying ‘Nothing lasts forever’, you would care about them. When you have the type with a pedal, you can fold them to keep and unfold when it’s time to use. Don’t let them open and bare when not in use.

Oiled Up and Lubricated

Wreath making machine requires it to be lubricated regularly. You have to disassemble it to get started. It’s also your chance to see if there are some chips or small pieces of materials that get stuck in some parts. Clean it up.

When you’ve cleaned all the parts, oil them up a bit before connecting them back together. A little amount of oil will make the jaw and nuts move freely. Apply a light coating of oil after assembling it as a whole. It’s to prevent rust from forming.

It’s just minimal maintenance that can keep you on using your wreath making machine with no trouble. It helps with its great performance while you practice proper handling.

Removing Glue on the Wreath Making Machine that Needs Hammer

Some wreath makers still use the previous model that needs a hammer for clipping. You can’t blame them as it has proven its worth by producing thousands of wreaths. But users would need to use glue for putting the parts together. So mess can’t be avoided and at the end of the day, you need to remove the remains of the glue on the clamp.

What you need is a cleaner with a citrus base and a scraper made of plastic. Spray the affected area with the cleaner and let it stay for some minutes. Gently remove it with the plastic scraper.

To remove the cleaner on the clamp, use detergent, and rinse it with water. These are the steps for easy to remove deposits. If it’s quite stubborn, a heat gun or a hair dryer would improve your performance of getting rid of them. These things can rapidly soften the glue. 

You can avoid doing this cleaning up by adjusting the clamp jaws. You can cover the jaws by a tape before the process of gluing and clamping. If there’s a drip, the tape will capture it.

Peace of Mind with Wreath Making Machine

Once you know how to handle your wreath making machine properly when using them, you can’t damage some parts. Even though it doesn’t need much maintenance, cleaning and oiling it up is just a simple job. You have the peace of mind that your machine will be with you in the future years.