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The pleasure of making soap is equal to making art. There is so much one can do to make soap, making fun, effortless, and creative. The answer all lies on the maker’s will to create something beautiful out of the ordinary. Though making soap is easy, most people still don’t see the need for it since countless soap and beauty bars have occupied the long hallways of the supermarket.

This may seem to be the idea of some, but soap making and learning how to do it gives more benefits and advantages than what is generally known. First, making your soap gives you control over the ingredients. You can make sure that all your ingredients are gentle and good to the skin. This is also one way of making sure all the natural ingredients are in the soap.

Second, soap making and learning how to do it gives you room for creativity. Soap can be in all shapes, colors, and sizes. All things imagine can be molded into soap, be it cakes, animals, and even flowers. These things look as delectable and as real as what they are based on.

Thus, soap making is more than simply making soap. It is creating something beautiful out of something ordinary. It is making things appear more artistic than they already are. That’s why in the soap making industry, one feature continues to be the favorite – it’s making a flower soap.

Making a flower soap includes mixing nature, beauty, and luxury. Learning how to make one adds more attraction and level up the bathing experience. Indulge yourself in the wonders of flower soap using the easy to follow recipes.

Pressed Flower Soap

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Pressed flower soap is a kind of soap using the flower’s stems and petals or leaves which are pressed or dried. The pressed flower soap looks natural in white with the beautiful flowers inside, which add to its charm. These are good choices for gifts or personal use.

Make Your Own Pressed Flower Soap

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Pressed flower soap is one of the most beautiful kinds of soap because of its unique and beautiful look. With its clear and clean look and the flowers inside, no wonder this soap has been one of the staple choices of every soap lovers. To get started, you need the following ingredient:

  • Soap base with natural ingredients
  • Essential oils of your choice for the scent
  • Soap molds. It’s best when they’re clear.
  • Dried leaves, flowers, and even fruits

First, prepare the soap base. Cut them to little pieces before heating them. It is also good to follow the instructions to know the right temperature and heat. Some base soaps only need a few seconds with intervals.

Once the soap base is fully melted, add the essential oils for a bit of fragrance. Mix them well together using a toothpick or any mixing sticks. When mixing, stir slowly so no bubbles will form.

Then, put the dried flowers in the soap mold. Pour the melted soap base inside. Avoid filling it to the brim, but leave a little space. To arrange the flowers better, use a toothpick to move them wherever you want to. This way, the flowers are equally distributed.

You can also add the soap slowly, half at first, and the other half later when it is starting to harden. Then add a layer of flowers as well.

Leave the soap to harden. It will take more or less an hour to solidify. Place them in a secure place where they won’t be moved pr touch to avoid getting air into the mold and soap base.

Once the soap hardened, you can take it out and cut it into the desired shapes. Finally, your pressed soap is ready for you to use and enjoy.

Flower Soap

This soap mirrors the exact look of a flower. It has a unique and authentic look of a flower. The aesthetic allows you to add a perfect touch to your relaxing bath or as gifts to others on special occasions. It has a relaxing smell. If you want to use it, you can pluck one petal from the flower soap, and you can enjoy a trip to the garden while you are taking a bath. Aside from the beautiful look, the creamy lather offers a lot of benefits such as moisturizing and a great smell due to its ingredients.

Make Your Own Flower Soap

Making your flower soap isn’t that hard. With enough practice and several key ingredients, you will get your flower soap in different colors and sizes.  The most common flower soap is a rose flower soap. To get started, you need the following ingredients:

  • Melted white or transparent soap as your soap base
  • Essential oils of your choice for the scent
  • Soap colorant
  • Baking Sheet
  • Popsicle Stick

First, you need to melt the white or transparent soap. Put the melted soap inside a small container. Make sure it is not too hot.

Second, pour in the essential oils. A few drops will do. These essential oils will add scent to the soap. If you want to put other key ingredients such as shea butter and other fats, make sure to melt them first before mixing them into the melted soap base.

Mix everything using the popsicle stick or other mixing sticks.

Third, add soap colorant. The color depends on what you want. The more soap colorant you put, the darker the shade it produces.

Fourth, spread the baking paper on the table. Pour small pools of soap into the baking paper. The sizes of the pools will depend on the size of the soap flower you are making.

Using the popsicle stick, spread the soap to create the right petal shape. The shapes don’t have to be perfect since you will be able to adjust them once you put all of them together.

Fifth, let it cool down for a couple of minutes. But don’t let it get too dry. It would be harder to stick and form them together once they are too dry.

Carefully peel the petal off the baking sheet. Roll up the first one around and press the bottom part together. The first one is the center of the rose. Get another one and wrap it around the centerpiece. Make sure the second and the next petal are attached slightly higher than the center, so it will create a natural rose look.  Continue the process until the full flower or the desired size is formed.

And that is how you make your flower soap using the simple ingredients and a little bit of folding and creativity.


Soap making and learning how to do it offers not only good quality soaps. When you learn how to make soap, you can save money and get the same or even better quality than those sold in the market. You get to enjoy the process and the results as well.

True enough, soap making is more than just making the soap itself. It is caring for your body, skin, and healthy while making sure you give them the best care and attention.

The idea of soap making is more than just soap making itself. There is so much to explore and know about. The process and recipes are also simple and easy to do, which is why homemade soap will be forever on-trend. Give yourself a much deserving break and indulge in a petal or two using these soap recipes you can try at home.