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One of the most tedious make-up routines to do is the brows. Considering that they come in different shapes and hair growth direction, it can be a challenging thing to do. Sometimes, when you’re doing your own brows, it can be quite frustrating whether you did it well or not. It’s quite embarrassing too to leave the house with overdone eyebrows. There’s actually a secret to doing your brows in less than five minutes perfectly. 

It’s time to quit drawing your eyebrows over and over again and still doesn’t manage to come up with evenly drawn ones. The key to a five-minute eyebrow make-up routine is stencils. You might have heard of it a couple of times on the internet. To spice it up, we will help you figure out how it works, what are the different eyebrow cosmetics that can work with it, and we’ll give you a few tricks to using stencils. 

How does Eyebrow Stencils Work? 

Brow stencils are thin sheets of durable hard plastic used to easily shape and groom your eyebrows. They come with an outline that should be followed in order to perform the make-up routine flawlessly. Since they are stencils, they come in different shapes and sizes. The best tip to using it is to find the shape that is close to the natural shape of your eyebrows. Besides, why would you choose a stencil for thin brows if you have full-grown ones, right? 

Stencils are actually a guideline that you can follow to prevent under and overdoing your eyebrows. The good thing is how flexible these are to be used with different cosmetics. Since they come in different outlines, the needed effort is just for choosing the type of brow make-up and stencils, then fill your brows in with the product. It makes the process less tedious, considering that you’re no longer outlining the brows on your own. The lesser the mistakes, the lesser the number of trials to perform. 

What are the Commonly Used Eyebrow Make-ups for Stencils? 

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You see, the objective of using eyebrow stencils is to reduce the hours designated for prep time. What will further convince you are the common types of eyebrow cosmetics that work well with the stencils. To be honest, there’s no need to buy new ones. The things on our list can surely be found inside your make up bag. 

1) Eyebrow Pencil

The most common and cheapest eyebrow cosmetic is a pencil. Why do people use it? It’s actually the first step in doing your eyebrows the traditional way. It is used to outline your preferred shape of brows regardless if it’s thick or thin. The eyebrow pencil is actually the easiest cosmetic to use on your brows, especially if you’re a beginner. 

The eyebrow pencil can be used using a stencil for both outlining, shading, and filling. It’s the most basic cosmetic to use if you want your brows to look as natural as possible. With the help of the stencil, instead of outlining both eyebrows free-hand, you already have a guide to follow. The least that you can do is to define the arches and the shading. The tail of your eyebrows is the thinnest wherein the shade should be darker and blend the color through the center of your eyebrows. 

2) Eyebrow Powder 

The eyebrow powder, on the other hand, is commonly used by professionals. On the process of doing your eyebrows, these are usually used to deliver proper shading. It’s quite difficult to use for outlines but with the help of an eyebrow stencil, it cuts off your prep time. All you need to do is position the stencils and proceed to fill in your brows from the tail to the center of your eyebrows. To make it look natural, you can damp the tip of the brush in water and create hair-like strokes. 

3) Eyebrow Pomade 

The eyebrow pomade is very common in several make-up tutorials on YouTube. This is actually preferred if you want to have bold and sleek eyebrows. The texture of the formula is similar to lipsticks. They are used with a spoolie brush for defining, contouring, and drawing. Using eyebrow pomade with stencils is quite the challenge but the results are outstanding. 

The key to using pomade with stencils is to have it as steady as possible. Little amounts of the formula can go a long way. Since the texture is similar to a lipstick, it works well in drawing the outline of your brows, shading, and creating hair-like strands to make it look bold and natural. 

4) Eyebrow Gel 

The third and last is the eyebrow gel. Apparently, eyebrow gel alone is not suggested if this is your first time trying brow cosmetics. But with the help of eyebrow stencils, you will get to achieve dazzling natural-looking eyebrows. The secret is to do light strokes to give you a fuller look. Place your stencils and start stroking from the tail to the center of your eyebrows. Using a spoolie brush and lightly create thin hair-like strands. Comb it afterward and see how the drawn strands of brow hair blend with the natural one. 

5 Tricks for Using Eyebrow Stencils

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Now that you have learned the different products that can be used, we’ll share the tricks to using eyebrow stencils. This will literally change your life and make your brows ready for action. The process is difficult when you don’t know what to do. These tricks will help you reduce your prep time and have effortlessly done eyebrows in no time. 

1) Prep your eyebrows. 

Prepping or priming your eyebrows will let the strands of hair be intact. It keeps it in place and prevents unwanted strands peeking when the eyebrow stencil is already used. You can use a clear wax or clear gel and comb through the tiny strands of hair. Leave it for a minute before placing the eyebrow stencils. 

2) Choose the right stencil shape. 

Like what we’ve mentioned earlier, there is a variety of stencil shapes, types, and sizes to choose from. For beginners, you can actually try the stick-on stencils to keep it intact during the application of brow make up. Make sure that the shape matches the natural shape of your eyebrows. The thickness depends on your personal preference if you want full-drawn eyebrows or the natural-looking ones. 

3) Place the stencil correctly. 

The stencils come in hard plastic and stick-on ones. If you’ll be choosing the hard plastic, make sure that it is positioned revealing your natural brows. Incorrect stencil positioning often affects the leveling, outlining, and shading process. 

4) Reposition the stencil. 

Once you’re done outlining your eyebrows, reposition the stencil to define and fill the arches considering that eyebrows come in different lengths. It will help you see the outline of your natural eyebrow. 

5) Touch up your eyebrows. 

Once you’re done with drawing and shading, it’s time to touch it up. Check if the shades are the same. If you shaded beyond the outline, you can use a concealer to hide it and highlight your eyebrows as well. 


With the numerous available cosmetic equipment in the market, your life is made easier. The eyebrow stencils will surely do the trick in achieving both bold and natural-looking brows. Besides, it’s not that expensive to have. It’s handy and cheap, and it’s time-efficient to use. What more can you ask for, right? Nobody wants to spend hours doing their make-up. We hope the secrets we spilled will help you with your succeeding make-up routines. Ciao!