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Embroidery can be an added style to just about everything. You can see it from bibs to pillowcases and wall decor. It’s also a way to customize clothing, bags, and other items. You can own unique things which are also great to give as presents. It’s a practical hobby as you can get something useful and attractive. 

Needle, embroidery hoop, and thread are the things that you need to get started creating embroidery patterns. There are easy patterns suitable for beginners, but it will come out as dainty shapes or images. That’s what everyone loves about embroidery.

1) Moon Phases

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You would need simple strokes for this pattern, but you will be amazed once you finish it. The lines will look like a flower while different moon shapes surround it like they are on an orbit. It would be great for stuff inside the bedroom like a small wall quilt.

2) Heart Sampler

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It is a nice heart pattern to practice with, as there are different stitches. It’s great for beginners, so they will be oriented to various stitches, and they will give them an idea about styles and techniques. You can use this design on almost everything.

3) Arrows

They’re just a piece of cake to stitch, and even beginners won’t sweat on making them. Make multiple arrows and use different colors, so there’s contrast. Then you can stitch it on different things like pillowcases.

4) Letters in Reverse Monogram

One will learn back stitches on making this pattern. They may appear complicated for you, but it is pretty simple. They may look so detailed, but what you need to do is print a template and stitch around it. You can finish a letter over the weekend or faster if you catch on quickly.

5) Foggy Forest

This pattern would require you to make straight stitches, and it’s easy for a beginner. You can also practice how to apply the dark and light colors. It’s learning about color contrast on embroidery stitches. It’s a vital part when you level up into amazing patterns in the future. You have to apply a contrast in embroidery. Just like in painting, you can present a clear image.

6) The Cactus Trio

You will be making three cacti in different forms. The stitches may be basic, but it will form a great picture you can use as a design in different things. Succulent lovers will love this for sure, and if you have a friend, it would be a nice present for her or him.

7) Bird in my Garden

It’s a nice looking pattern, and it’s an efficient way for beginners to practice stitching. There are easy strokes, and there are ones that need consistency. The outcomes would be great decor in any part of the house.

8) Heart from Chicken Scratch

It is derived from Amish embroidery, and it is easy too. The final product will look like lace. Chicken scratch in embroidery means making an ‘X,’ which creates a lovely pattern. It looks gorgeous when it’s done on gingham cloth.

9) Ice Cream Cone Pattern

It’s another pattern with a neat arrangement of ice cream on cones. They’re easy, and it promotes alignment as the objects go in a circle. You can finish it in no time.

10) Lemon Citrus

It’s a nice pattern as a single lemon can be a design on something. Of course, you have all the liberty to make a lot of them for a wider surface. Lemon and leaves are what you need to form as you apply texture copying the real fruit.

11) Green Wreath

It can be placed on the edges. Once you finish the pattern, it looks dainty. It must be an achievement for a beginner as it looks elegant. By starting with this, you can add flowers and other challenging patterns.

12) Geometric Horse or Unicorn

When you don’t add the horn, a horse would appear, so this pattern is 2 in 1. You won’t need to do a lot, but you will be able to come up with an intricate design. Simple stitches and going through the outline are the things you should do for completion.

13) Sunflower

You can defy consistency and parallelism on this pattern. With crossing points, you create texture on your stitches. So you make the image bold rather than flat. It’s something you can use when you want to graduate from the strokes that go in the same direction.

14) Anatomical Beetle

You just don’t make a single stitch to make a line on this pattern. You need to make tiny stitches for you to create a line. Practice your patience in embroidery with this.

15) The Butterfly

It’s for you to practice different stitches, especially the tiny and short ones. The butterfly promotes symmetry. You can use different colors if you want to make many butterflies. The same form in various colors works well in embroidery.

16) Color Wheel

It’s a nice design for blanket and wall quilt or anything with a wide surface. It doesn’t only represent various colors but different stitches as well. You can practice well as each color is with a different stitch.

17) Tropical Plants

You may make this pattern in two ways. You can do the single stitches first, which you can finish quickly. Then you can proceed on the making whole leaves so you can practice adjusting the extent of the stitch. You need to get the image right.

18) Christmas Tree

It is composed of different stitches, so it’s practice time again. You would also learn about alignment on this as the Christmas tree create a triangle. The stitches create various shapes like flowers and many styles that would be great for edges and linings.

19) Bunny

You would mainly focus on the shape of the bunny. It’s a colorful project, and you need to be patient with switching threads. You can use any shade that you want.

20) School of Blue Fish

You have to play with the lines on this pattern. Being keen on details is important to make all of the bluefish. So it’s another way to practice your stitches.


With these different patterns, you can practice different stitches. It will help you to handle challenging patterns in the future as it’s a way to learn adjustments, alignment, and texture.