Stencil Designs

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No doubt, you will agree that out of all the areas inside your house, your bedroom has the most personal appeal. Now, take a look at your room. What kind of feel does it exude? Perhaps it is simply generic and bland. Worry no more! There is a way for you to sleep in elegance.

You can turn your bedroom into a very comfortable haven by using creative stencil designs for your bedroom wall. In this way, you can customize and transform your bland walls into the design and style that you prefer, and one that will perfectly represent your personality.

Creative Stencil Designs

1) Moorish Trellis Stencil Design

Moorish Trellis

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This stencil design is among the favorites in this list. This pattern is easy to stencil and is ideal for you if you are the type who loves Moroccan décor and designs. It is also perfect if bold patterns are what you are looking for. Moroccan stencil designs are always featured in Magazine covers, not just because of their popularity, but also because of their capability to give your bedroom a solid change. For smaller crafts and DIY projects such as furniture painting perhaps, this is also a good choice to consider.

2) Skylar’s Lace Flowery Stencil

Skylar’s Lace Flowery

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Lace stencils are also making their way to the popularity list. This stencil design features 2 parts. Both of the parts can be used in order to complete the repeat of the stencil.

3) Ribbon Lattice Design

Ribbon Lattice Design

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This stencil design works well with a combination of a flat and glossy technique in painting or using matte walls with gloss paint. This is a tone-on-tone treatment of stencil on an accent wall of your bedroom. It can also be used for dining room floors. This stencil design will also provide you a glam and chick space for your precious loved one’s nursery.

4) Paisley Indian Stencil Wall Design

Paisley Indian Stencil Wall Design

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Of all motifs in the Indian design line, the Paisley is a favorite one. As such, it serves as the central element in this stencil design. It was designed to represent the concept behind a royal motif. It can be used either for a wall design stencil or a furniture stencil.

5) Honeycomb Hexagon Tiles Stencil

Honeycomb Hexagon Tiles Stencil

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This classic design in stenciling offers a geometric and modern feel. It can be used on your bedroom wall, floors, furniture, as well as ceilings. You can even opt to use this with some bee-inspired designs to complete the natural look.

6) Elegant Damask Wall Stencil

Elegant Damask Wall Stencil

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This fabric stencil design is very easy to attach and repeat, allowing you to perfectly decorate your wall in the bedroom each time.

7) Uzbek Suzani Bedroom Wall Stencil

Uzbek Suzani Bedroom Wall Stencil

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Suzanis are popularly known for their appeal. They are elaborately embroidered, and colorful wall hangings and are quite famous in Central Asia. It can easily blend in to any type of home décor, including exotic painted floors, bright blue walls, and subtle, neutral walls.

8) Splendor Damask Bari J Wall Stencil

Splendor Damask Bari J Wall Stencil

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This damask bedroom wall stencil is a lovely option for stenciling your bedroom, girl’s room, sewing room, or in any place where you want to establish a romantic and vintage look. You can also make good use of a ceiling filler element for basic stenciling right at the ceiling line.

9) Moroccan Chez Ali Room Wall Stencil

Moroccan Chez Ali Room Wall Stencil

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This stencil wall design will allow you to enjoy basking in a Moroccan pattern in your abode – on the floors, walls, or painted furniture. You can also use the smaller size of this stencil for furniture painting.

10) Acanthus Trellis Stencil Design

Acanthus Trellis Stencil Design

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This design is another very popular option out there. It is the best pattern for your DIY bedroom wall décor, or for floor painting. Work on your painting craft with this elegant stencil for a DIY, customized wallpaper look, or simply stencil it on any accent wall.


The creative stencil designs mentioned above are just among the many options out there. You can even enjoy your very own creative streak and use one of your personal and unique designs. If you feel inspired by the need to improve the way your bedroom wall looks, these designs are perfect for you. These stencil patterns may either be downloaded or purchased from reliable sources online. You can also work on making your own. It is better if you have your very own stenciling machine to make things easier for you or do a personal project if you have the patience for it. Allow your creativity to guide your craft and enjoy turning your bedroom into one that is bold and creative. Choose one that perfectly represents your personality while allowing you to relax in an elegant haven in your abode.