Jewelry Making

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The most critical choice you need to make in jewelry making is to choose the most suitable kind of beads for your jewelry design. Beads are very important. They are the first things that people notice. Some pieces of jewelry are meant to be eye-catching, some are simple, and some may look classy. The character at work in this situation are the beads used.

Beads for jewelry making are different. They differ in shapes, sizes, colors, and materials made. Some are from cheap papers, while others are made of gold and diamonds. But all are beautiful and do the functions well.

Now, because of the countless styles, it would be very difficult to choose the right beads for you. Yes, it would be difficult, but it wouldn’t be impossible. Learn how to choose the right beads for jewelry making right here!

How to Choose the Right Beads


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Make sure your beads match your style, and your jewelry well. If there’s a theme you need to follow, think of the best colors and designs that will suit you well. Here are the best bits of advice you can get on how to decide which suitable beads to use.

Know your Projects

Determine the type of jewelry you want. On what occasion do you want your jewelry to use? If you want a piece of everyday jewelry you can use, then you can envision a more classic color that will work well with any type of clothing you want. If it’s for a party or special event, you will need classier and more interesting beads such as pearls, diamonds, and golds. When you know what type of project and what the beads are for, it is easier to know the type and size you can choose.

Choose the Beads You Like

Trust the quality of your taste. If you have any beads that you like, get some of those right away. This means it would be easier for you to come up with ideas on how to fully make them into jewelry. If you like the pieces, there will be a great tendency that you would want to work on the project more diligently and carefully. Working on something that you like will create a different sense of the project. Thus, don’t be afraid to use flashy and unique styles of beads. If these are the kinds that you want, go for it. People like unique jewelry these days.

Use the Online Color Palette Tool

If you don’t know how a combination of color, or how the color would look like on the beads, try using an online color palette tool. This will be easier for you to get the inspiration on what’s the best color to use. You will have a real-time comparison. Thus, it is easier to imagine the outcome of the project. You can play with color and see some suggestions on which one works best. If you have a theme, you can use that to see which compliments it better. You will have fun with the colors!

Choose the Centerpiece

The centerpiece or the primary bead is one of the main ‘attractions’ for your jewelry. Making a statement out of your centerpiece is very crucial. It should stand out and, at the same time, improve the quality of the overall feature. This may sound exciting, but choosing the centerpiece takes a lot of thought. A centerpiece that won’t go well with the other design will just ruin the whole jewelry.

It’s up to you which to decide first. You can decide what centerpiece to use and base the other beads on that. Or, you can choose the other beads first and try to find a centerpiece that would work well with them. The choice is up to you.


From each side of the centerpiece, there should be a balance of other smaller beads. It would be weird to watch the different bead cramped together. Make it pleasing to the eye and create a more symmetrical design, balance the color, and the texture of the beads.

You can use a beadboard to balance the number of pearls on each side. Try experimenting first, so know which sequence works well. Rearrange the beads until you find the right order that highlights all the beads. Make sure they are arranged perfectly to create that good look.

Sizes Matter

It is additionally very important to consider the sizes of the beads. Since there are countless sizes available, choose the one which will complement the overall look, as well as the centerpiece. The sizes must complement both your taste and the project. There are different size charts you can check out to see which one will work well. The size of the beads will likewise determine the type and size of the wires you need to use. Purchasing what works well for both is very crucial. Make sure to compare the wire sizes and the sizes of the beads carefully before deciding.

Take Inspiration from Others

What is the best thing to do when you run out of ideas? Browse through the works of others and find some inspiration there. Or look at your favorite colors and try to picture out how they would look when made into jewelry. Use a pattern everyone is doing, blend colors, and see how they work. It’s all up to you. If you run out of colors, take a look around you and see if the color of your curtains matches well with the color of your wall. There’s always an inspiration hidden somewhere.

Make a Strong Finish

You wouldn’t want to end your jewelry with a boring clasp or lock. Find the one that suits well with the design. There are many kinds of locks you can choose for your necklace and bracelets, as well as the earrings. Spice it up more with a great lock that rocks the whole jewelry.


It is never indeed easy to choose the right beads for your jewelry. You may have a lot of ideas that you can choose which is the best, or you may have run out, and you don’t know how to begin again. However, you can always pull yourself off with a few tips and tricks. Try to use them next time. It will surely save you! You can experiment more so you will learn more. This way, you would know how to handle your beads for jewelry making better. Each idea and concept on how to deal with the beads for jewelry making differs for each artist. So, continue with yours. There is no restriction on what you can do with jewelry. Make the most out of your bead and find happiness in doing so!