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There is no question that crocheting is wonderfully amazing and relaxing leisure and pastime. Even though you may have never tried holding a crochet needle, there are several things and crafts that you can end up creating. This feeling is shared by many people, even with beginners. It may take some time for you to really get into the craft, but the patterns that are included in this list are great for everyone – beginners, included.

1) Summer Waves Blanket

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This ripple designed blanket will let you learn the chevron stripe. It can be accomplished by using double crochet stitches, along with either an increase or a decrease with every 4th stitch. If you want to learn crocheting ripples, this is a good pattern to start with.

2) Cheerful Ripples

Cheerful Ripples

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Striped designs are among the most popular options out there. This pattern features bold and bright colors, giving you the “cheer” as you start working on it.

3) Gentle Waves Pattern

Gentle Waves Pattern

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This crochet pattern is detailed, designed to create blankets of different sizes. This means that you can start crocheting ripple afghan baby blankets, or one for a master bedroom.

4) Corner-to-Corner Chevron Crochet

Corner to Corner Chevron Crochet

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This pattern is perfect for a fun twist. It can also be grown easily to create other sizes of blankets as well. The texture of this blanket is extra cozy with a super chic design.

5) Rainbow Ripples

Rainbow Ripples

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Rainbow colors make a perfect choice for ripple blankets. You have the option not to really follow the ROYGBIV scheme, but choosing bold ones make the deal.

6) Zigzag Crochet

Zigzag Crochet

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This pattern is colorful and made out of zigzag that is built out of crochet triangles. It is a variation of the chevron stripes, in a unique and exciting way.

7) Granny Ripples

Granny Ripples

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This pattern combines together ripple striping and granny stitch. It is further enhanced by some granny squares at the blanket’s top and bottom. Add some tassels to get that trendy look.

8) Rickrack Stripes

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The use of rickrack shapes will take your crochet striped blankets a level up. A variety of group stitches make it colorful and fun, perfect for a shower gift.

9) Summerfling Ripples

Summerfling Ripples

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What makes this pattern different from the usual chevron shape blanket is that it has smoothened out edges to produce a rectangular blanket, with post stitches.

10) Rose Field Crochet

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This crochet blanket pattern is made out of texture crochet roses. You may choose the colors of the yarn, putting a twist on this unique design.

11) Post Stitch Riffles

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This pattern can be made by working only in the back loop to produce a ribbed design. Another option is using post stitches to add some texture to the blanket’s front and back. Double crochet stitches can be used to enjoy the texture of this blanket.

12) Demelza Crochet Blanket

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This pattern has everything that you need – granny squares, a lot of colors, flower squares, and crochet. It gives the artistic side of you a boost in figuring out how to alter it even further to match your preferences.

13) Colorful Ripples

Colorful Ripples

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While other ripple patterns use chevron stitch, this uniquely colorful option depends on changing stitch height in order to produce the design undulations—the color changes in each row for a pretty result.

14) V-Stitch Crochet Doll Blanket

V Stitch Crochet Doll Blanket

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Crochet blanket patterns are not just for humans. They can also be catered to smaller sizes – for dolls. It uses easy V-stitch, which can also be used for bigger blankets as well.

15) Fringed Ripples

Fringed Ripples

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A single-colored sophisticated blanket is what this pattern offers. The ripples are emphasized, with the additional fringe element.

16) Victoria Afghan Patter

Victoria Afghan Patter

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This chunky, cozy pattern is designed in various sizes, which means that you can create one for a small doll, to a huge bedspread that fits a queen-sized bed.

17) Round Ripple Crochets

Round Ripple Crochets

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The ripple of this pattern worked in rows. This is the standard 12-point round ripple, designed in three sizes.

18) Heart Pattern

Heart Pattern

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The beautiful stripes on this pattern are filled with texture. All you need to do is to repeat the heart shape all over the design.

19) Casablanca Crochet Pattern

Casablanca Crochet Pattern

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This pattern of a blanket is made out of eco-cotton yarn, which is why it is soft on the skin and friendly to the environment. This is extra special, thanks to the addition of puffy pompoms on the edges.

20) Christmas Pattern

Christmas Pattern

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This blanket pattern allows you to use free patterns and charts. A similar blanket can also be used on the custom blanket pattern here.

21) Checkered Pattern

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This easy checkerboard motif works well for blankets of different sizes. The smaller sizes require less yarn and are faster to finish.

22) Coral Hearts Blanket

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If you want heart designs for your blankets, this is an amazing alternative, which is even better if you want the color scheme to be simpler.

23) Criss-Cross Granny Squares

Criss Cross Granny Squares

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This pattern offers a unique variation of the traditional granny square. The best option on yarn for this pattern is a crochet thread, or a fine yarn, turning it into a bedspread instead of a heavy blanket.

24) Checkered Diamond Pattern

Checkered Diamond Pattern

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For this pattern, you can use filet crochet. If you already know how to do so, a checkered diamonds chart will be easy with seamless tiles for crocheting pieces that tiles flawlessly.

25) Blue and White Nested Checkerboard Pattern

Blue and White Nested Checkerboard Pattern

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If you are interested in checkerboard designs, this baby blanket pattern will work well for you.

26) Nested Checkerboard Pattern

Nested Checkerboard Pattern

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This pattern offers a symmetrical look for this design. This is another great way to emphasize checkerboard afghan squares.

27) Granny Square Pattern

Granny Square Pattern

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Crocheting several granny squares with baby yarn will allow you to make a beautiful baby blanket like this.

28) Nautical Baby Blanket Pattern

Nautical Baby Blanket Pattern

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If you are planning to give a nautical loving friend a gift, this is worth the effort that will surely be appreciated!

29) Color Blocks Scrap Pattern

Color Blocks Scrap Pattern

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This pattern is easier as it seems. If you are familiar with a single crochet stitch, then you can consistently complete this piece.

30) Red Gingham Blanket

Red Gingham Blanket

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There are several events that would make this red gingham crochet blanket a perfect gift for somebody special! Cozy and easy to make.

31) Hexagon Crochet Pattern

Hexagon Crochet Pattern

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This hexagon, when crocheted in the bunch, will allow you to make beautiful blankets, depending on the size that you want to make.

32) Windowpane Blanket Pattern

Windowpane Blanket Pattern

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This windowpane pattern design is an amazing way to experiment with gingham blankets. Rather than using three, only two colors are needed.

33) V Stitch Granny Squares Blanket

V Stitch Granny Squares Blanket

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Lovers of V-stitch will surely love crocheting this blanket pattern as it is composed of V-stitch granny squares.

34) Griddle Stitch Gingham Black Pattern

Griddle Stitch Gingham Black Pattern

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Working with two colors at once with this gingham pattern makes this design a breeze. The griddle stitch is used to make it more textured.

35) Rainbow Outlines Squares Pattern

Rainbow Outlines Squares Pattern

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This pattern is composed of the granny square. It can be used in making colorful and lovely blankets.

36) Easy Beginners Squares Blanket

Easy Beginners Squares Blanket

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If you are patient enough working with smaller squares, these smaller granny squares make lovely blankets.

37) Summer Blanket Pattern

Summer Blanket Pattern

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This granny square pattern is not necessarily warm, but it is ideal for making bedspreads and blankets that can be used in the summer months.

38) Baby Afghan Squares

Baby Afghan Squares

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With easy baby afghan squares, making a pretty blanket is possible. It may not be the quickest to work, but if you have the patience for it, it is worth all the effort.

39) Magnolia Crochet Blanket Pattern

Magnolia Crochet Blanket Pattern

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This blanket is not just comfortable and well-textured; it comes with a twist- pom poms! As a tip to make these pom poms, wrap them well, making them really thick prior to cutting.

40) Ribbed Diamond Blanket

Ribbed Diamond Blanket

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A tip in completing this blanket pattern in a breeze is to keep the tension while crocheting together, even going downsize of the hook, as it helps in keeping the loops from being loose.


Crocheting is a versatile project which can turn out to be such fun for everyone. Unlike knitting, you can simply use a single crochet hook, rather than two needles, and you can always expect that the finished product appears to be really gorgeous. There are limitless things that you can do with crocheting, and the ones that are mentioned above are just some of them. Whether you are crocheting for yourself or for others as a gift, you can no doubt find a specific pattern that will be perfect for your requirements.