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Crocheting is one of the most relaxing and unhurried hobbies that you can do from time to time. It doesn’t require much. You can do it anytime you want; in the morning when you are free of any chores, in the afternoon when all is set and done, or in the evening for a relaxing moment before sleeping.

Crocheting doesn’t require a lot of supplies and ingredients. You need two main supply, and you are ready to start. It doesn’t even allow you to move from one place to another. You can simply relax on your most comfortable chair and get the job done. It also doesn’t require you to finish right away. The pacing depends on you.

You can make countless of things by crocheting. The most famous ones are small bags and pouches. While other crochet different kitchen projects such as potholder and glass and table placemats. You can make colorful and different designs.

Most schools teach young children how to do crochet. They give projects to finish at the end of the semester. This one life skill can be self-taught as well. The process is just easy, and it doesn’t require intense training. Starting from creating a single pattern to making complicated designs, you can start doing it.

Crocheting Tools for Beginners

Crocheting doesn’t require a lot of tools. In fact, with only just two tools, you can start your practice right away. These tools are easy to find. You can get one from the nearest craft store or in any department store. They are also cheap and easy to use. To start learning how to crochet, find the following tools:


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There are a lot of yarns available. They are in different sizes, texture, and colors. They are also made of different products. Some yarns are made with synthetic fibers, while others are made of wool, cotton, and other things. The best beginner yarns are those made of acrylic yarn, cotton, and wool.

  • Wool

Wool is one of the best yarns to use for crocheting. The wool yarn is composed of resilient and durable fibers that can withstand the mistakes a beginner can make. It is also easy to untangle in case mistakes are done. Beginners won’t have a hard time using this type of yarn.

  • Cotton

Cotton is also good for beginners. It has the same characters as the wool, but they are not elastic. They can sometimes be uneasy to handle compared to cotton, but it still works well for beginners.

  • Acrylic Yarn

This is also one of the staple choices for beginners since it is cheaper and is available in different interesting colors. The good quality won’t break easily and are strong, but the cheaper ones tend to split easily.

There are also crocheting threads will are commonly used nowadays. They are thinner compared to yarns and also come in different colors. They are made from cotton. Since they are thinner, they are easier to control, and the details are finer and smaller.

You can choose whichever type suits you. There are also different choices you can get, and the store has a lot available for you. It is also better to check whatever yarn is best for the type of project you are going to make. You can read the label on the yearn to get to know what they are made of. Once you get familiar with them, it would be easier for you to distinguish the type even by looking at it only.

Crochet Hook

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There are also different kinds and sizes of crocheting hooks available. These kinds work well with beginners, and some are made for special reasons. These crochet hooks are the yarns partner in doing good crochet projects. There are also crochet hook sets available that you can purchase. They are readily available and do the tricks well. Here is the list of different crocheting hooks you can try:

  • Basic Hooks

The basic crochet hooks can be individually purchased or by sets. They are also mostly used by beginners. They come in different colors and hook sizes and are available in the craft store or online. The size ranges from E to J, and the basic hook has an H-8 5 mm size.

  • Thread Hooks

If you plan on crocheting using the crochet thread instead of yarn, the thread crochet hook is suitable. It is specifically designed for the crochet thread. The hooks are small and are made of stainless steel, so it has nice and concrete support when used. The thread also has a guide on the label for the corresponding hook size.

The size of your hook must match the size of your yarn fabric. The labels usually tell which hook size is best with the yarn. Make sure to check the hook size needed first before buying if you don’t want to buy a whole set. Most of these basic crocheting hooks are made of the usual materials such as aluminum, plastic, and also bamboo.

Crocheting Tips for Beginners

Follow these different crocheting tips, and you will start crocheting well on your first time. These tips are easy to follow and will help well to make crocheting easy for you.

Get Yourself Ready

After preparing the needed materials, prepare yourself. Find a suitable place you would want to sit for a long time. Tie your hair, if you have a long one. Take off any hand jewelry that may distract and slow down your progress. You wouldn’t want to sit and get comfortable only to get up and do something you forgot.

Find a Place for you Yarn

When you are at home, you can simply put it on the lap or the floor where it can freely roll and untangle. When you are outside, you can also put it in a bag or small basket so it won’t go around rolling and getting dirty.

Choose the Hooks Well

The hook that you use is important in creating the detail of your work. Make sure to get the right one. Though the label in the yarn will say what’s the best hook for it, those are just suggestions, and you can change it if you want. Avoid also changing hooks while in the middle of crocheting. The result might be very different because of the hooks’ differences.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes

When practicing, mistakes could happen. Don’t be hesitant to pull and unravel the yarn or thread once you cause mistakes. It’s part of learning how to crochet. Crocheting takes work and persistence. There will be a lot of mistakes as you practice.


Crocheting is a hobby you can easily learn and easily like. There’s no need for you to do anything taxing; instead, you get to sit comfortably and collect your thoughts as you quietly crochet the yarns together. It is a perfect hobby for those who want to find a relaxing work to do without leaving the house and getting something out of it.

The things you can do out of crocheting is also beneficial. You can make small projects and big projects as well. In no time, your house will be filled with artistic and colorful crochet. Take this chance and start learning how to crochet.