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You may now have learned the ropes in crocheting, and the next thing on your list of projects is a blanket. The best type of blanket to start with is a baby blanket, as it is one that is easy and quick to make, which means that there is no need for you to wait for days or weeks just to see the output of your craft and efforts.

The best thing about crocheting a baby blanket is that you only need to do and combine to basic stitches in crocheting –single crochet, and a chain stitch. With the use of a bigger than the standard hook, you can come up with an added drape to your blanket, making your project finish a little faster than you would have when using a normal-sized hook.

What we will be making here is based on a pattern with beginners in mind. Still, it does not mean that crafters of advanced levels will not be able to benefit from this one, especially for those who are looking for an easy and quick project to enjoy. In fact, this baby blanket pattern is one that you can do as you sit and wait in the car or while watching your favorite show on TV.

How to Crochet a Baby Blanket?

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  • Tapestry needle
  • Crochet hook
  • Stitch marker
  • Baby yarn


  • Yarn

For this project, it is best to use the brand and type of yarn that you prefer. Select a yarn weight that is described as “Double Knitting”, “DK”, or “light worsted” in order to achieve the texture of a blanket with a reliable drape. As a general rule of thumb, any yarn weight can be used with an appropriate hook size in order to make a fun and easy to make crochet baby blanket.

  • Gauge
  • Considering the raw gauge is not a requirement for this pattern.
  • For the stitch gauge, 4 stitches equal to 1 inch when making the stitch pattern.


Step 1: Row One

Chain 105 – For the Small Size (121,145). Secure a stitch marker at the first chain of your hook. Make a stitch pattern in the 3rd chain from hook. Chain 1, skip the next chain, single crochet in the next chain. Repeat along the entire row. Chain 1, turn.

Step 2: Row Two

Single crochet in the next chain-1 space, and then chain 1. Repeat this series along the rest of the row. Towards the end, you can work a single crochet stitch into the stitch where you secured the marker. The marker can then be removed before you work on the stitch. Chain 1, turn.

Step 3: Rows Three and More

All the other rows starting row three and up are just the same as row 2, with a single minor difference. Towards the end of every row, you can work on the last single crochet stitch to the turning chain of the last row. Repeat this row until you reach your desired length for the baby blanket.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

As your baby blanket reaches the desired length, you can cut the yarn, but make sure to leave about six inches extra. Work on threading the tapestry needle along with the end of the yarn, using the needle in order to weave the end of the yarn that is loose right into the blanket. Repeat this process with other loose ends that you may see hanging out of the blanket. This is quite common if you switch from a ball of yarn to another.

This pattern is simple and does not require extra edging, though you may also add if you desire so. A basic single crochet stitch is an easy choice, going the entire blanket edge. It also combines really well with a single crochet design.


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If there is a need for you to change to a new yarn ball, the same technique when changing colors, also the directions of the pattern recommend you to crochet to the ch-1 spaces. If these spaces are difficult for you to find, poke your finger carefully right at the row of stitches starting from the back to the front. This is quite helpful because, at times, these spaces may seem to disappear out of nowhere. With this technique, your hands will instinctively feel the space gap even though your eyes may not see it right away.


Making a crochet baby blanket is perfect if you would like to make your own, for your precious little one. The sentimental value goes a long way, and you will be delighted to know that these types of crochet crafts can really last a long time, way into your baby’s grown-up years. You may also pick a pattern that you can create and turn into a gift, which also holds the same value because of the effort being put into making the baby blanket.