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Stamping is a very amazing and interesting creative outlet. What many people love regarding stamping is it still looks hand-crafted even though one doesn’t need to draw something. With a stamping rubber starter kit, you can easily get started in creating anything from “Thank You” cards to planners, or to-do lists. 

A stamp can work on any material or type of paper. If you’re new to stamping, your first step to take will be to gather all the required materials and make a starter kit. 

What to Include in Your Stamping Rubber Starter Kit?

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  • Stamps

Of course, you have to collect all those stamps you need for this hobby. Stamps are available in different styles and sizes to choose from. Some models are quite cheap, while others are better for bigger budgets. Sometimes, you can get a rubber stamp set for just $3 or per piece for only $1.

Keep in mind also that stamps come in different types, which include the wood mount. This is the classic rubber stamp. The wood mount lets you hold the stamps with ease.

  • Alphabet No.1 and No.3
  • Icons No.8
  • Decorative No.5 and No.10
  • Block for the clear stamps No.4
  • Roller No.9
  • Ink

There are 2 types of inks. One is the dye ink that sinks into the paper and dries quicker than the pigment ink. Thus, dye ink is suitable for fast stamping, such an when you’re grading the papers or adding a date on several papers.

The other type of ink is pigment. Unlike the dye ink, the pigment ink sits on top of your papers. That makes the pigment ink suitable enough to be used on thinner sheets of papers like the pages of a planner. The pigment ink takes some time to dry, though. The result is no bleed-through like what you can get from using dye ink. Pigment ink is suitable for planners and other projects in which you need to use the front and back of a paper. 

  • Black No.2
  • Colors

For the colors, feel free to choose based on your budget. Colored inks are great to use, but a black-colored ink pad already works like magic. Go for colored ink pads No.7 and No.11.

  • White pen No.6
  • A washcloth or baby pipes

Your choice depends on who is for the stamping kit. Baby wipes are widely accessible and disposable. Washcloths, however, are more eco-friendly, but washing will be necessary. 

  • A note pad or sticky notes for masking, tests, and practice

Getting Started

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You can even get started as soon as you’re done in gathering all the needed materials. Here are some tips for your reference:

#1. Do Some Testing

Be sure to test out the inks or stamps on the scrap sheet of paper before you ever try it on something important. It is a must, especially for the alphabet stamps, and when you use several stamps on a clean and clear block. You need to be sure all the stamps hit the scrap paper properly for a clear image. 

#2. Masking

Masking is the technique in which you put a sheet of scrap or unused paper through the spot you do not like to stamp. For instance, your checkbox stamp is too big for the box. If that is the case, try putting ink on the entire stamp and just mask the exterior of where you want to stamp instead of putting ink on the part of your stamp. 

#3. Stamping

Stamp once on the scrap paper and stamp the actual paper without re-pressing the stamp pad. It makes the inkless intense, and lighter. This will help a lot when working on thinner paper sheets like the pages of a planner. This way, the ink will be light and grey if you wish to. This will also make the job cleaner and better.

#4. Try Washable Markers

You can use washable markers in case you do not like to invest in several ink pads. Likewise, it will help you be more detailed with various colors on just one stamp. Provided that the marker is not washable, it must stay wet on the stamp for a long time for a more inconvenient stamping experience. 


Every novice will enjoy stamping by having the best stamping rubber starter kit. It does not have to be expensive. You can either get a commercially available stamping kit or buy each material individually. 

A stamping rubber starter kit will let you do and come up with just about anything you have in mind. You can create cards or any other trendy materials that require stamping. Whether you go for the readily available stamping starter kit or buy each material separately, be sure that your stamping kit doesn’t limit you to what you can do in growing this new, interesting hobby. 

You can also try making a DIY rubber stamp. See this video: