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Did you ever wonder at the elegance of embroidered pillows?  What about shirts that have custom statements created by embroidery? Then, would you ever think you can do this, too? Yes, you can. Then you’d have to pursue the embroidery. This is a fun way to personalize things. 

These embroideries could be used in attaching decor to anything, and as soon as you get the feel of it, this is a pretty simple art. We have lined up patterns that can be used to create quality quilts, child bibs, t-shirts, and whatever you want.

In this article, you will have plenty of designs to choose from and make your embroidery journey colorful and fun. 

25 embroidery designs to choose 

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From duvet covers and aprons to decorative walls, people are going to enjoy how customizable these patterns are and what you can create from them. Embroidery is an art that produces beautiful pictures by utilizing an embroidery frame, yarn, and a needle. If you’ve ever felt compelled to design presents or make your favorite bags, clothes, or other products, it’s useful to know about embroideries.

1) Holiday Patterns

Embroidering is very simple and great for creating your special Holiday DIY ornaments. When you wished to and just really accessorize, you can also take these in. The sequence is so simple and tends to leave more than enough room for you to personalize it. You might even use this on a towel and other fabrics to make this into a perfect Holiday DIY present.

2) Heart Patterns

It is great for towel decoration or something that you really like. It’s always a perfect template for exploring the various stitch, as you need too many to make them. But if you’ve never previously embroidered, I highly suggest trying the whole heart adjust to new various threads to be used in many styles.

3) Spring Bouquet

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This beautiful spring bouquet is really easy to stick together. You can pick the colors you prefer for this one to make, and it’s great to attach as home decor – you could suit the colors of your room decors. Each one should not take much of your time to complete it at all. It is also great for pillowcases as well as kitchen towels. 

4) Bee Happy

This small picture of the bee is chosen to make with several different stitches, and so it’s a good first task. You will master the straight stitch and also the sating stitch, the French knot, lazy daisy, and many more. Once you complete this pattern, you will be virtually an authority on stitching and will be ready to carry on far more complex designs.

5) Easy Bee Happy Pattern

The tiny bee is too fast to embroider also great for accessorizing a wide variety of items from bath towels and baby clothing. It is so simple as well as utilizes only a small amount of thread for the embroidery. Truthfully you could finish it for an hour.

6) Vegetable Garden ( Easy ) 

I appreciate how simple it is to engrave these presets and that one yard is not an exception. This vegetable pattern is wonderful once it’s completed for wanting to hang throughout the kitchen, and you could quickly set it for a kitchen towel.

7) Arrow Pattern ( Easy ) 

All those little arrows were also remarkably simple to embroider as well as for novices, and the sequence is generally a simple one. Users need to choose various shades and use different arrows to your material to start practicing one’s stitches. Users could then use one’s arrows about little kid’s room decor crib bedding pillowcases.

8) Sweet Posies Pattern

These small posies are just so simpler to embroider, as well as ideal for decoration. You can choose a variety of colors and start making a holiday pattern if you will use red and green threads and transition to light colors if you are aiming to do some spring inspired designs.

9) Fall Leaf

Fall leaves are perfect for decorating yours for Thanksgiving.  It is so easy users can make many designs before the holidays because of its easy patterns.   It looks perfect, and as you thread them, you could alter them by just using various colors.

10) Floral Embroidery Pattern 

This flower design is really beautiful and has a quotation that is very inspiring.  With beautiful flowers and choose what size you will create. IT is a perfect art for your walls, room, bag and even on T-shirts.

11) Choose to Believe

Mainly because of the message, you will love this design. It is also a beautiful design. This is stunning once it is finished and seems to be perfect as a gift and decoration for your homes.  

12) Embroidered Drink Sleeves

This little project of embroidery is so simple and quick to complete, and you will be finished up with a beautiful gift idea to your loved ones for holidays or special occasions.

13) Reverse Monogram Patterns

It is perfect for decorating or a present that is easy to complete. With these patterns, you must know how to do backstitch, and that is only easy to know. Even if it is a more detailed design, it is still easy to make.

14) Garden Path for Beginners

This garden route sampler is ideal for making embroidered artwork for flower lovers. Furthermore, this shows you how you can create the granito stitching, which is very easy and the best way to keep the petals up.  

15) Valentine Heart Design

This will soon be popular even if it is not Valentine’s day, and a great design to try as a novice. You will use this template to make a wonderful heart-shaped pillow. Your kids will love this design and easy to create. 

16) MOD Pattern for Beginners

This design has many stitches and can be good for rookies that need practice. Once finished, it will give you a great square sequence and good for as home decor. 

17) Springtime Stitches DIY

A springtime sampler offers you the chance to learn many other different stitches, and you can have a beautiful piece of springtime to decorate your home when you’re finished. Each one is really vibrant that you can know the stitches very quickly. 

18) Embroidered Cards

These embroidered cards were ideal for just every event, and all feature a beautiful fruit profile. The stitching is very simple and will just only take you a few minutes to finish. 

19) Wool Scarf embroidery

You can never go wrong with this wool embroidery, a perfect gift for your mother for Mother’s day. It is an extravagant pattern yet still easy to create with the use of guides.

20) Garden Sampler DIY

This embroidery is perfect for as wall decor for your room, kitchen, or room. This is also suitable for kitchen towels, even shirts. 

21) Turtle Embroidery Sampler Patterns

A nice pattern that you can create and hang in your kid’s room once framed. Easy to create and can be finished in a few hours. 

22) Icecream Cones Mandala 

A delicious art that can be used for T-shirts, girl bags, and can also be hanged in your Kid’s room or play area.

23) Chicken Scratch Embroidery 

This pattern is perfect for your pillowcase and can be used as a gift for your loved one. It may look complicated, but with tutorials and video, you may create one and use for your bedroom and living area.

24) Heart Ornament Embroidery

This ornament design can be perfect as a gift for special occasions. Easy to make and handy.

25) Donut Embroidery

These are so fun to make with your daughter, with these patterns, you can have a vibrant and fun decor for your kitchen area or as room decor to complement your current decor.

Final Thoughts

Making such art is a wonderful hobby and can even create a small business for you while enjoying the process. With these lovely patterns and designs, we hope that you get excited to start your embroidery journey.