It can be quite a daunting task using an embroidery machine. This is true if you have no previous experience at it. Nevertheless, most of the machines today are automatic. They also carry out tasks in the entire embroidery process. Still, you need to adjust the featured settings. This is the only way to achieve the task intended. But be more aware too of the capabilities of the machine.

Learn how to use an embroidery machine as it is also user-friendly, too. Here are the steps:

1. Prepare the Things Needed

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Make sure to provide all the things needed. These will include the bobbin, thread, embroidery computer software, needles, embroidery machine, and stabilizer. The stabilizer is needed to hold the fabric in place. Make use as well of the needle types suited to the fabric used. Follow the instructions manual if you are in doubt or confused about using an embroidery machine.

2. Choose the Right Needle

Make use of needles intended for embroidery threads. As per the size, it will depend on the weight of the fabric. The embroidery machine is using needles that are also round shank. Flat-sided shank needles are also used for a domestic embroidery machine. The embroidery needles are also categorized based on the standardized numbering system. A smaller needle will also mean to say more accuracy. Experiment out on specific fabric and needle types.

3. Choose the Right Thread

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Two types of embroidery threads can be found as the embroidery thread and the bobbin thread. The first one comes with features distinguishable from the ordinary threads for sewing. This is also stronger than the normal sewing thread. The bobbin thread makes the back part of the embroidery design lighter. Among the embroidery thread types to choose from are the rayon and the polyester. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.

4. Set Up The Embroidery Machine

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There are many similarities when you set up an embroidery machine and a sewing machine. The machine has to be connected first to the power supply. Plug it in. The machines are also connected to the computer with the use of a cable and USB port. So far, the embroidery machines come with embroidery software. This software is pre-installed and is tested for any bugs or errors.

5. Make Some Adjustment in the Parts

If you will combine both the embroidery machine and the sewing machine, follow some adjustments in this regard. This is true to say when it comes to switching functions. Ensure the machine will be turned off. Unplug it as well from the circuit. Switch out the so-called presser foot to the freehand or darning embroidery foot. Attach the foot and lower the so-called feed dogs. Make use of your hands when embroidering freehand.

Provide for an embroidery frame when using computerized embroidery. This can come in different sizes—the bigger the embroidery design, the bigger the frame that is needed. Switch out the arm as needed. Pull it out simply. Click in the embroidery arm. This is linked to the frame.

6. Thread That Bobbin

Thread the bobbin when using an embroidery machine. But, follow the operation manual in this case. If the bobbin thread is found on both sides of the fabric, the bobbin may not be installed properly. This is an error that is causing the needle to break.

7. Choose the Embroider and the Design

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Choose the specific design to be implemented when putting the fabric into an embroidery machine. The embroidery machine will feature built-in designs in the software. This also essentially gives an option of importing designs right through the machine. This will begin from the internet or computer as well. There will be a lot of designs to use. Choose the design that is easy and simple in a modern embroidery machine.

Choose the design that displays the entire menu of the designs. Other machines provide an option for editing and modifying the designs. The best thing to do to learn is to make use of an embroidery machine. Use it yourself. This can be learned in just a few minutes of understanding the details of the machine.


Truly, embroidery is common in recent years among the young and the old. It brings about incredible creations through the use of an embroidery machine. This is an essential way of personalizing a gift for a wedding or a baby shower. For one, you may have a case suited for your tablet or mobile. What’s more, you add up a logo on the shirts and caps or create a designer quilt. Indeed, you will enjoy the limitless possibilities there is.

If you will take up embroidery or begin with it, you need to keep the following things mentioned above. Muster on how to use an embroidery machine by keeping this article in mind!