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Woven Basket made with Yarn is incredibly durable. This woven basketball guide is very user-friendly but requires patience and just a little time. An eye for detail would also make a better-looking basket, but still, the kids you can also be trusted with a needle as well as a thread to do this work.

Creating woven baskets using a rope, yarn, or fabric coils is already there for generations, and it is a good idea to introduce kids to arts. In addition, this woven guide on basket creates something as a gift or for personal use.

Woven Basket Origin

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Basket weaving seems to be as ancient as human history. Remnants of baskets were discovered in the Egyptian pyramids, and carved wood liners made their traces within ancient sculpture fragments. We began working with designs for woven baskets as early as humans were willing to braid fibers around each other.

Baskets were knit and filled with clay to build bowls that were durable. Built buildings with basketwork (wattle) and scrawled with clay, certainly up there until the 1700s. Humans can go to war with the armor of heavy metals such as lead. Babies would be put in sewn crèches, and folks would be buried in knitted coffins. Gypsies could create baskets from garden products, as did many other people throughout World War II since all the fern (osier) beds have been used for the soldiers to carry food and ammo.

Basket Weaving Yarn Instructions


  • Any yarn color and design
  • Cotton
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Needle (Large)
  • Hole puncher
  • Clothespin
  • Craft / Tacky Glue
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Ruler

Steps on Weaving the Basket Yarn

  1. Assemble the materials needed
  1. Yarn cutting
  • Cut the yarn on up to two lengths of arms to have enough for base starting
  • Note: do not cut longer yarn because it might tangle while weaving.
  1. Start weaving the base of the basket
  • Line up the cord to the yarn and hold the tip of it.
  • After an inch, wrap the yarn to the cord
  • Bend the ends of it so that it can curl
  • Secure the cord with the yarn together
  1. Cord attaching

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  • String the needle to the yarn
  • Hold the cord using the other hand
  • Take your needle in the bottom that is in between two cords
  • Pull your needle then wrap around the cord
  • You may wrap it seven times, and you can use your needle in securing the cord
  • Note that size may still depend is you would like to create a bog or small basket
  1. Weaving the sides
  • Decide the size you want for your base and then start your sides
  • Wrap like the previous one, once ready to secure your cord, place it on the base top and secure it
  • Once you already secure it, just continue to wrap it then secure
  • Repeat the process until you reach your desired height
  1. Finishing your Basket

At this stage, you already have your beautiful basket and can now y ou it to stock your things.

Pointers to NOTE

Altering the height to match your personal taste. Another thing you need to make a note here is that your “fingers” present value on your frame are in odd numbers.

You may use any medium to construct the basket framework as far as it is “weave able,” not really too voluminous, and in soft natural pieces, examples are twine, thread, cotton strip, cord, string, shiny paper strip, acrylic, raffia, and on.