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All You Need to Know

Printmaking on canvas or canvas print is a term often confused with canvas painting, acrylic print, and mounted prints. Each of these prints is different, and all offer different features. Canvas print, however, isn’t the same as canvas painting, but only perhaps of one thing- the use of canvas.

The canvas print is self-explanatory. It simply means a picture printed on the canvas using a special printer. The canvas print is famous for its excellent quality and unique framing style, which adds to its highlighted features. People can choose from the traditional framed ones to the trending frameless border. The canvas used is stretchable enough to form into the desired shape.

Acrylic and mounted prints differ since the former uses a photographic paper while the latter uses a paper. They are also designed differently to preserve the photo and get the best quality and style it could offer.

With the use of modified digital printing and canvas fabric, pictures last longer than usual. Compared to other prints, canvas prints also offers a more natural and vibrant look. Thus, printmaking on canvas has become one of the most sought-after printing techniques.

The magic of canvas print lies in the use of canvas fabric. Canvas is another special gift given by trees. It is made from specific and high-quality woods from Spruce, Pine, or Fir Tree. Most of these woods are grown specifically for their woods. From their natural habitat, these woods are transported into the company where they pass through different processes before they become the canvas sold in the market.

With the continued popularity of canvas print and painting, imitations are spurting out. These imitations and fake canvases are made of other low quality and cheaper woods. Thus, this leads to a low-quality canvas that won’t give the perfect picture.

Print Making – Canvas Prints VS Framed Prints

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For years, the usual home or office decorations have revolved around framed prints. Not only does it keep the picture safe, but it also creates a statement through the frames’ designs and color. Frame designs differ, and all give independent and distinct changes into the picture.

For once, simple design makes it easier to see the picture, while using a stylish and more unique frames highlights the distinctive character of the image. Aside from these, there are also advantages and disadvantages that may help people weigh before choosing framed prints.

The advantages include:

  • More control over the design and room decorations because of the liberty in choosing frames.
  • It is easier to move frames wherever and whenever one likes.
  • Images inside the frames can be taken out and substituted when preferred.
  • They are also easier to wipe clean.

However, some advantages could occur, such as:

  • It will cause a lot of trouble to carry and install large frames due to its size and weight.
  • Frames tend to be costly, and the larger it gets, the pricier it could be.
  • Pictures may look a bit offbeat from the glass cover.

Printmaking on canvas, on the other hand, matches well with whatever design and background. Simple because the unframed character doesn’t take much effort to blend in. This unique feature allows canvas painting to highlight the image without any worries about the overall look of the design. Printmaking on canvas is one effortless but stylish approach to keeping pictures of any kind last longer. Just like framed prints, there are also advantages and disadvantages to getting when choosing canvas painting.

The good things cover the following:

  • Unlike framed prints, pictures don’t reflect because there is no glass cover involved.
  • The canvas paper allows the colors to shine best and keeps everything vibrant and wonderful.
  • Pictures can be shiny or with little to no contrast to keep it pleasant.
  • It is not heavy and convenient to adjust and rearrange.

The disadvantage is:

  • Printed pictures are permanent, so no changes and replacements can be done

Printmaking on Canvas Lay-outs

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To get the best printmaking on canvas, one can also decide on the kind of layout preferred to create the perfect set of pictures. There are two choices to choose from. The choice will depend on the amount of space available and the wall layout and design. Using these factors, it would be easier for which layout will work well.

Single Canvas

This is the simplest and easiest layout. It works best on both bigger or smaller pictures. A single small canvas also adds a unique feature on the wall or a piece of furniture to keep it classy. If one prefers a simple design rather than overcrowding a wall, a single canvas is a perfect choice.


This layout offers an amazing set of pictures that could start from two canvas prints up to ten pieces. The layout uses the split method where the pictures are cut into separate sections, and all sections follow one whole printed design. This would garner compliments from visitors and friends.

In choosing the type of layout also comes with choosing the image printed. One can have it personalized or taken online. Personalize printmaking on canvas is best as gifts for someone of family portraits and photographs, while images online are for having canvas pictures of nature or works of famous painters. Once the image is decided, it is easier to know which layout to use.

Designed for Canvas Prints

Printmaking on canvas has since reached a peak of popularity, and with the increasing wonderful images presented each day, the process of choosing the best image can be quite hard. It all boils down to the person’s taste, style, and preference. There are some popular printmaking on canvasses designs that are universal and works well with the canvas fabric.

Family Photos/Portrait

It includes pictures of family or individual family pictures. It can be designed in single or multipaneled layouts, depending on the designs preferred. This is one ofthe most common and classic canvas prints.

Modern Canvas Print

This design focuses on modern art, which includes vibrant colors, trendy designs, and distinctive shapes and features.


Another part of the family, pets can also be a subject for canvas prints. Not only pets but for any animals one likes. This will create a refreshing vibe on the wall.


Be it a bible verse or a favorite quote; this can be another inspirational picture to add on the wall. This will easily brighten the mood of the room and help the person be reminded every day of what’s important.

Landscapes or Maps

Want to travel the world or want the feeling one gets from one’s favorite place or city? This is the best time to fill the walls with the places already visited and those who are yet to be.


In this modern world, paintings can be very expensive. That is why many people will resort to a cheaper and more convenient alternative. Printmaking on canvas offers plenty of different advantages that make it the best choice for having framed pictures.

Though it doesn’t come cheap sometimes, one can still get the money’s worth because of the longevity of the canvas, and the quality of the picture. True enough, nothing beats a picture in keeping the room alive.

Printmaking on canvas is the best choice for someone who is looking for a print that would last long, with good quality pictures, exquisite designs, and amazing layouts that could create an astounding wall statement. These and more make printmaking on canvas the best choice available.