12 Cool Ideas for Collagraph Printmaking

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Are you are looking for an easy printmaking process that results in an unconventional piece of art that has both visual and tactile appeal?

Collagraph printing would be worth a try.

What is Collagraph Printing?

Printmaking, done with colored inks, is one of the oldest reproduction techniques.

A collagraph is a print made using an intaglio process (such as etching).

In addition to the lines of the original artwork, material such as paper pulp or other mediums are applied to a rigid substrate (often paperboard).

What Should You Keep In Mind While Doing Collagraph Printing?

Get the right supplies.

The supplies I use to make my artworks are pretty much limitless.

It could be from things I had around the house before I started making art. Or, something from a local crafts store. You have to keep in mind the chemical properties of individual materials and the way they react.

Because collagraphy is an experimental process, no two prints are alike and every new plate is unique.

The collagraph plate has to be prepared carefully.

The texture and durability of the print are decided by the materials used during the gluing process. Different paper, thread, fabric, or leather can create unique collagraph prints.

To protect the plate through the printing process it’s sealed with one or more layers of a sealant such as shellac.

Make sure that the plate is completely dry before printing.

If you’re using hot glue, then you’ve to wait for a few minutes to let it dry before printing.

You should use a coat of sealant if using multiple colors. Using an acrylic medium or varnish are suitable alternatives when it comes to preserving and sealing the plate.

As any experienced print artist will tell you, the process is a little involved. We are passionate about printmaking and want to help artists be more productive through access to quality resources and expert advice.

Let us take a closer look at some cool ideas for collagraph printmaking. We provide everything you’ll need to know on this exciting printmaking technique that will give your art and business a whole new look.

Re-create A Map.

An orange colored irregularly shaped map with tribal designs.
Use collagraph printmaking to create unique and attractive designs of a favorite city or a country that you love a lot.

Image Source: Pixabay

Make a collagraph print of maps and create a collage that gives the illusion of flying high above your favorite city, country, or geographical region.

You can make a poster of your favorite locations using online or offline maps as a reference.

To do this, you will have to print the maps using a medium of choice, be it paper, cardboard, fabrics, and then assemble them in a collagraph.

This method creates unique and beautiful prints that are dramatic, as well as light enough to hang on walls.

Create Your Favorite Calendar!

If you are a traditional painter, collagraph printmaking is a great way to express yourself through the work of several disciplines. Many artists enjoy this form of printmaking because it requires an ability to draw images with the proper perspective, use of tone and hue.

One also needs to have the skills necessary to build layers and texture.

Turn days into months, weeks into years, months into decades, and so on. Then create a collagraph print that tells the story of a year or decade in one image.

Nature Prints.

A plant with dark green leaves and small yellow flowers
Use dried leaves, flowers and twigs to create beautiful collagraph prints that feature incredibly rare and unique textures and designs

Image Source: Pixabay

Use dried leaves, twigs, seedpods, and other natural elements to create a beautiful collagraph print that features different textures from nature.

One of the most fun projects for you to take up, this is the perfect way to embrace all seasons. Handmade fresh leaf prints are perfect for gift-giving, cards, wall art, and other kind of cards you make.

Create texture and depth with dried plant materials, acrylic paints, or other surfaces. You can even use lace or found metal objects as part of your art!

Add texture and depth to your project by applying different colors.

Experiment with fabric textures.

Different fabrics, flowers, scissors, glue and other craft material kept on a table.
One of the best collagraph printmaking ideas is to experiment with different fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon and more.

Image Source: Pixabay

In addition to printing in a traditional manner, an artistic eye can use the technique of collagraph with fabric laid on top of the paper to create an interesting image.

Collagraph prints made with fabrics can be stitched together to make an image composed of many smaller pieces sewn together.

The edges and texture of the fabric along with the depth created by multiple layers can lead to unique patterns and designs.

It is like a printmaking technique but does not involve carving. This makes it extremely versatile.

Comic Book Strips.

A cardboard box full of comic books kept in a bookstore.
Harness the beauty and singularity of collagraph printmaking techniques to create custom and attractive comic strips of your own

Image Source: Pixabay

Printmake your own comic strip characters!

Working within the parameters of an innovative process, kids can create their own printed black and white comic strips using unique stencils. With no special skills or expensive studio needed, most children can create a cartoon persona in only a few hours of fun. The fun doesn’t stop there!

Using collagraph prints, kids can take their drawing one step further by adding color and texture. Great for science fairs and scouting projects!

We provide step-by-step instructions, and make creating a whole cast of characters both easy and fun!

Create Wall hangings or Plates.

The living room of a house designed in blue colors with attractive wall hanging and paintings
The collagraph printmaking technique can be used to create attractive and unique wall hangings and plates.

Image Source: Pixabay

You can make wall hangings or plates from scraps of fabric and fibers, corrugated cardboard, and paper string, and other materials.

In addition to fabric, you can use corrugated cardboard, fiberfill, and sheets of paper to create composed pictures in your collagraph.

You can also use a variety of media to create collagraphs including pencil, ink, paint, dye, pastels, watercolor, and other media.

Create a collage using stamps.

Multiple colorful postage stamps from different countries scattered together on a table.
Create unique and artistic prints using the collagraph printmaking technique and postage stamps that you have collected over the years.

Image Source: Pixabay

Collagraphy allows you to create unique prints on your own, often with objects from nature or the home.

You can create a beautiful collage with stamps of your choice. We provide a complete kit that includes high-gloss ink and a variety of collage elements.

A pigment-based resin can be then applied, giving each print a glossy finish. The paper comes in sheets of various dimensions and can be used in a printing press for precision printing.

Coasters or Lids.

A coffee/tea cup placed on an artistic toaster next to a laptop on a wooden table.
Go on a quick DIY project and create personalized coasters and lids for your kitchen using the collagraph printmaking technique.

Image Source: Pixabay

Use collagraph prints to make a personalized coaster set or lids.

You can even use a stencil if you’d like to create a more personalized look. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to carve out eyes, a nose, and a mouth, so this DIY project won’t take long at all!

Designer Artefacts.

A lot of designer showpieces or decor items may be created using a three-step process that combines linocut printing, collage, and engraving.

Collagraphy transforms blocks of wood into artful masterpieces.

The result: a wholly unique piece of functional decor that will draw the attention of everyone who sees it.

It’s a means of getting creative with a unique expression of artwork. You can create landscapes, birds, fish and many other shapes and creatures from bits of wood and more!

Patterned Napkin Sets or Placemats.

Just grab some paper towels and cut them into different shapes and sizes.

You can create crazy shapes that you couldn’t imagine before. Using these as a base, you can then begin to decorate with other materials to use in your collagraph prints. You could even experiment with textures of beads or trinkets.

Just be careful not to let too many extraneous lines show up because this will make them less likely to blend with the background. Let your creativity run wild with these!

Business Card Prints.

Rich black and white designs highlight your contact information on these sleek business cards. Our collagraphy process creates a unique and dramatic look while keeping the overall design simple.

Keep things clean, memorable, and leave a lasting impression.

With our collagraphy Business Card kit, you can set out a beautiful array of prints on cards through a simple process. Your cards will pop with three-dimensional highlights and distinctive textures.

Crafted from durable fiberboard, these cards are built to last and are easily mailed. They feature an elegant walnut hardwood handle and a matte finish.


You may have seen scrapbook collagraphy or framed scrapbook pages before.

It’s easy and cheap to do, and it’s a great way to repurpose your photos of family and friends or treasured travel memories. You can even use pre-made collages from magazines for fun, colorful additions to your home decor.

Some people have a real knack for making them artsy looking, and they look pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to try making them but I never got around to it.

Maybe you could try to let me know how it went for you!! Do leave a comment in the section below.

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