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If you consider yourself a beginner in the craft of candle making, there are some basic items that need to go into your candle making kit. For one, you have two options in securing a candle making kit. For one, if you want to go through the easier route, you can always buy candle making kits that are available online. Later in this article, we will give light to this.

However, if you want to make sure that you have everything that you need according to your preferences, getting the items one by one may serve as a better option. What are the items that should go into your candle making kit? Let’s see.

Preparing Your Candle Making Kit

Here are the basic items that you can include in your candle making kit:

  • Wax

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There are different types of wax that you may want to use, with beeswax and soy wax being among the most common options. With this, you will also need container wax, especially if you are placing wax in a tin or a jar, or a pillar wax. This type of wax is generally harder and is designed for making candles that can sturdily stand alone.

  • Color

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This will certainly come in handy if you prefer seeing colored candles at the end of the day. You may use liquid dye or dye blocks, as these are both amazing choices for coloring your candles. There are specific instructions on how these colors can be used, depending on the type, which is why it is important to pay attention to how it is done. After all, using solid blocks may be different from using liquid options.

  • Fragrance Oil/s

The great thing about these fragrance oils is that there are a lot of amazing scents for you to choose from. There are some designed for aromatherapy, while some are simply for appealing to your senses. A general rule of thumb is using an average amount for you to start with, that is, 1 oz. of fragrance for every pound of wax. It usually depends on the type of wax that you will use to identify the maximum amount of oil that you will use.

  • Wick

Selecting a wick is unquestionably one of the most important decisions that you need to make in candle making. When you notice that your candle does not burn well, most of the time, the reason has something to do with the right size of wick that you chose. In fact, all other factors, including the amount of fragrance, type of wax, as well as the colors, all have an impact on the performance of the wick.

  • Molds or Containers

There are different types of containers that you can use when making candles. This usually depends on the kind of candle that you want to create. If you want to make one with a specific shape, you may want to choose a fun container or mold. It is often recommended to start with a candle tin container since you no longer have to worry about how the output of the finished candle will look like, thanks to its opaque designs on the side.

At the same time, if you find it preferable to use a glass jar, it is recommended to get one that comes with a 3 inches or less diameter, with a similar diameter size up and down. A seamless mold, on the other hand, is ideal if you want to create free-standing pillar candles.

  • Scale

A reliable scale is very important when it comes to weighing, not just the wax, but also the fragrance oil. A scale for this purpose is available for purchase from several stores and online sources.

  • Saucepans or Pouring Pitchers

These saucepans can be used in melting wax. Some use a double boiler by filling half of the saucepan with water and heating it on top of a stove. Place your wax in a saucepan that is smaller, inside a bigger pan. Just ensure that no water will get inside the small pan. You can also heat the wax to the right temperature while adding water to the bigger pan as the water starts to evaporate.

  • Warning Labels

These warning labels are needed in identifying the right burn instructions and other general safety requirements for candle making.

  • Thermometer

For the process of candle making, a candy thermometer is good enough for measuring the temperature of the melted wax.

  • Labels for Decoration

These labels for decoration further adds aesthetic appeal to your candles. They can be used especially if you are planning to make candles for promoting your brand, or for personalizing your candle and giving them as gifts for special events.


There are other supplies that you may also want to include in your candle making kit. This could include a small calculator, paper towels, disposable latex gloves, rubbing alcohol, as well as newspapers that can be used to cover the work area. As you learn the craft, even more, you will also learn more tricks, and add more supplies to your kit as needed.