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Making candles can turn out to be a relaxing and fun hobby. However, reality dictates that unless you have the knowledge to start the craft out of scratch, having your very own supplies kit is the best way to go. The good news is that there are amazing candle making supplies which can offer you everything that you need in order to make amazing candles.

These supplies will offer you what you need in order to create the candles that you want, and you will end up impressing your family and friends with your skills in no time.

  1. DIY Candle Making Kit – DilaBee

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This DIY supplies kit from DilaBee can make up to 4 candles. It also features 4 color scents and blocks, which means that you can get a number of good options in variety here. Aside from the extensive collection of the basic kit bits, you will also get two round tins, along with two square tins that will hold your candles.

The customization options are something that many love, even finding it a perfect choice among beginners and newbies. Some may find the instructions quite challenging to follow, but aside from that, everything else makes this supplies kit a well-recommended one.

  1. Candle Making Supplies – SOLIGT CompleteDIY

This package contains all the things that you would ever need in order to create your very own scented candles. Soy wax is made out of soy beans, while palm wax is concocted using palm fruits. This supplies package contains 6 packs of soy wax, 14 cotton wicks, 6 fragrance oil, 6 pairs of candle tins and lids, 6 center devices, 6 pack candle dye, 1 mixing spoon, 14 glue dots, 1 thermometer, and 1 melting pot, making this a complete package.

Whether you have made your own candles before, or it is your first time to do so, this supplies kit is a good choice for you. It usually just takes a few minutes to actually met the wax and create a candle. Whether you would like to do it for a personal project, or for a group fun activity, you will definitely enjoy the ingredients and the equipment included in the package.

This kit also comes with different scents, making your home smell really nice. Unlike strong scented incense, these scents are light, soothing, restorative and therapeutic. They can even be used for your exercise and relaxation sessions.

  1. Organic Bundle Kit for Candle Making – 23 Bees

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If you are searching for a complete kit with all of the equipment for candle making, this supplies kit from 23 Bees is a good option for you to take into consideration. While other kits use soy wax, this one uses bees wax. This is also an amazing option for you if you already have the basic kit for candle making, but would like to make your very own candles out of beeswax. If you do not have all the tools and equipment that you will need, you will only get the material for the wax and wicks here. It is a bundle for candle making, but not a complete kit.

  1. Scented Candle Making Kit – Yinuo Light

Another beeswax candle making supplies kit that made it on this list is the kit from Yinuo Light. The packaging of this kit is just beautiful, making it also a perfect options for gifts. The box is decorated nicely using a string handle.

The kit contains everything that you need for candle making, with 6 candle tins, with every tin differently decorated with a plant theme. After using your candle completely, the tins can be used again as organizers for your jewelry, as well as other stationery stuff.

A melting pot is also included, along with dye blocks that are used in coloring, 2 wick stabilizers, 4 beeswax bags, cotton wicks, droppers, and fragrances. A thermometer and stirring spoon is also included.

  1. Soy Wax Candle Kit – Burning Wick Candles

If you plan to make large candles, this option from Burning Wick Candles is a good choice to consider. This supplies kit creates 12 candles, with 3 dye blocks along with 5 fragrances. If you are the type who would love to experiment on your candles, you will no doubt be able to get a chance to do that with this kit. Note, however, that quantity is what this supplies kit is best at, but the packaging is just ordinary.


When it comes to evaluating the best candle making supplies, it is important to look at a number of factors. This includes how easy they can be used, how they final product will look like, and its overall quality. Creating your own candle will not just make you look impressive, but will let you experience more about this craft. Learning your way through the process helps, but starting off with the right supplies will let you achieve your goal better.