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Basket making using the rope is one of the most widely practiced basket weaving. The result consists of different designs and beautiful aesthetics. They are durable and will add an amazing statement on the room design.

It is also practical since used rope for basket making and some old cloth can be utilized to create the look of the rope basket. It is also easy to do. There are different easy ways to make them. Learn how to do them and make wonderful rope baskets for your home.

Any kinds of rope are used to make baskets, but the most common ones are the cotton clothesline since they are soft and easy to sew. They are also white and easy to dye if you want a little bit of color. From a simple clothesline, it will turn into a beautiful basket in any sizes and designs you want.

How to Make Rope Baskets

There are different techniques you can do when using a rope for basket making. These techniques are easy to do, with the use of some helpful tools that you may already have at home. Get to know them one by one.

No-Sew Rope Baskets

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If you don’t want to sew and still get a good-looking basket, this technique will help you use a different method of making one. You will need the following materials:

  • Rope or Cotton cord
  • Metal Pail
  • Parchment or freezer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks

Get your metal pail, or a plastic one if you don’t have any. It is nice to have a smaller one first, so you won’t have a hard time adjusting the size. Ge the parchment or freezer paper and taped it into the pail. Make sure everything is covered well with paper.

Next, get your cotton cord. Ten to fifteen yards of cotton will make one basket. But it’s better to provide an extra length so you won’t have to connect two ends when the rope for basket making is not enough.

Get your hot glue gun and insert a glue stick on it, once the glue is ready, get one end of the rope, fold half to one inch and glue the end to the rope. This is now the center and the foundation of the basket.

Continue gluing and rolling the rope. Stick it around until you can create a flat disk. Squeeze a good amount of glue and gentle press the rope into the other side. Make sure it sticks well and good.

Get your pail and measure the rope disk. Hold it against the bottom to see if they have the same measure. Once they do, coil another set around the disk. Once it’s done, start building the walls of the basket.

Positioned the pail on the top of the disk. Compared to the disk where you pressed the rope on the side, this time, press the rope down on the topmost corner. Coil it around and secure the glue until it is as tall and as big as you like. You can choose to make a big as the pail or have it shorter.

Finish it by folding the other end of the rope and gluing it under. Or you can choose to create whatever finish you want to. You can put handles and if you want.

Machine – Sewn Baskets

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You can likewise use a rope for basket making using a sewing machine. Instead of glue, you will be securing your basket with a thread. This also creates a different look on the basket because of the thread. Here are the things you will need:

  • Cotton clothesline
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

First, get the rope for basket making. You can opt for a cotton one since it is softer and easier. The amount of rope will depend on the size of the basket you would want. Usually, when using 200 -foot, you can get three baskets in medium-sized.

With the same process as the first one, get one end of a rope and twist it until you can form a coin-sized disk.

Using your sewing machine, stitch an X-shaped into the disk. Make sure the stitches are secured so the base will have a strong foundation. Once it is stitched securely, positioned the rope, so it’s easier for the work to be done. Turn the disk with the rest of the rope for basket making placed in front of the sewing machine. This way, you can simply turn the disk without trouble.

Start sewing by twisting the rope disk in a counterclockwise direction. Make sure both coils of the ropes are stitched together for the basket to hold. Continue until it is in your desired width. However, don’t make it too wide so you won’t have a hard time sewing it.

Once you are ready to sew the walls, turn it vertically facing the machine. Continue sewing across the coil with each side securely attached, and it reaches your desired size.

Once you get the desired size, you can start sewing the handle. Measure the loop and make sure your fingers fit right through them. Stick them together on both sides.

Rope Baskets Designs You Can Make

There are different basket sizes, designs, and styles you can use. This depends on what you want the basket for. Here are the ones you can try to do at home.

Rope Bowl

They work best when you want a container for your small things such as keys, yarn, and other things. They can also be made in different sizes that would cater to your needs. This rope for basket making design would be a perfect addition to your room’s design.

Storage Floor Basket

Storage floor baskets work well if you have bigger things you need to store and find places with. They might take more time to finish, but it is very helpful. You can use colored ropes or draw and color them.

Tray Baskets

Compared to bowl baskets, they are a little shallow and wider. This is also best for putting small things. You can also use it as a food tray and works well with your kitchen or dining table. The rope for basket making used is shorter compared to others.


These rope baskets are easier to do than what most imagined. They only need a few tools to make. All the tools are easy to get. To get to know the best technique on how to do it correctly is to try the process and see what works well for you.

The rope for basket making doesn’t restrict any kinds of designs, rope, and style. As long as you can create the container using whatever available rope materials you have, it’s all good to go. The design depends on your needs. The clearer you visualize your design, the easier it is to use the rope for basket making.