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Basketry assumes a significant place in our daily domestic life and even in the commercial sphere. But of course, it was more popular back then than now. Some of the many uses of baskets were for stockpiling and food arrangement. Containers were (and, sometimes, still are) utilized to gather and store roots, berries, shellfish, and different types of food. Our ancestors utilized durable containers that were used to hold huge and substantial burdens and were worn on their backs. Nowadays, for our daily needs, these containers are readily available for all of us to work with.

Although basketry is not our immediate form of storage, we see its significance in its aesthetic side and sustainability. We will be looking into ropes and see which of these should we but for ourselves. We can create our DIY project or do the easy way by purchasing from an online store and wait for it to be delivered. Either way, we know what we’re going to get afterward.

Now this is how baskets that uses rope will most likely look like:

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Help: I’m not creative!

No problem, that’s why we are here to help. All you need to do is to follow video tutorials on the internet, which have numerous designs to imitate. You can also watch some videos showing how to create baskets using ropes in unique ways. With a bit of research about designs and by constantly practicing, sooner or later, you will try to do it in your own way—in a unique way. But the first thing you need to know is what rope material you should choose. And in this list, we will guide you in selecting the best of ropes.

Choosing the Best Basket Making Rope?

You may find a spare rope in your house, but you may probably not know what material it is made of. So, instead of looking for spare ropes, look for it from a local or online store to make sure you have the right material. In this list, we are going to provide you some of the best basket making ropes.

Caution: For the parents who want their children to build this project, kindly assist your children. Ropes can be harmless, or it can be dangerous. Accompany your children and assist them in every step as they work towards creating their baskets.

  1. Polyester or Tyrelene – It is also known as ordinary rope, and it is readily available in the market. This type of rope can resist rot and UV rays. We have three kinds of Polyester:

a)Three-strand pre-stretched rope.

b)Plaited pre-stretched rope – Its length can reach up to 1 mm up to 8 mm.

c) Braided rope – Its length can reach up to 5 mm, and it is usually used for construction and building purposes.

WHY IS THIS ROPE GOOD? – Polyesters are such promising ropes that they provide a sturdy basket for your need. Not to mention that you could also use this as a rescue rope, a great choice for multi-uses. Polyesters also come in many colors, so children can use this rope to represent themselves.

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2. Polypropylene – You can stretch this type of rope more than you can of Polyester, and it makes a good basket. It also floats in water and can be used for rescue and retrieval purposes. Here are some of the types:

  • Staple spun Polyprop -It is a very cheap material and has various colors of blues, oranges, and whites, that can also be used in fishing boats and farms.
  • Mono/Multifilament Polyprop – she is like Polyester, but she can melt over time, so you’ll need to watch it over and never expose to too much sunlight.
  • Hemp-style ropes – It is cheaper than the natural ropes, but it lasts longer and behaves better than its predecessors. A perfect choice if you are looking for a stretchable and comfortable material.


Polypropylene is a lightweight and water-resistant rope. You can turn this rope into a basket, and you will have something to use in your fishing trips or other water activities.

3. Nylon Rope – Nylon ropes are very malleable, which are used for anchors, towing lines, and other domestic uses. It is very resistant to various chemicals, such as gasoline and oil, it does not rot and can sustain UV rays.

WHY IS THIS ROPE GOOD? – Nylon ropes are perfect basket material because it is one of the strongest ropes. It can survive extreme conditions, water damage, and even heavy objects. This rope can come handy if ever you are going to make a basket for fruits.

4. Sisal Ropes – This rope is soft yet robust. A bit cheaper than Manila ropes, but less robust. But the difference is unnoticeable with baskets.

WHY IS THIS ROPE GOOD? – These ropes are good because it has a natural brown color and is they are all versatile ropes. If you want a very aesthetic and neutral color, this is readily available for you in local stores near you.

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Pointers to Remember

Some final notes, these are the things you need to remember that will guide you in selecting the best basket making rope:

  • Sturdiness – It must be strong, promising material. If your rope doesn’t have the sturdiness and resistance we mentioned earlier, you should reconsider buying a new type of rope that is surely strong enough to handle the weight.
  • Color – Most of you will probably just look for any color available in the store. But if you have the option to choose the color that suits you, and aesthetically pleasing, then why not choose? The durability of the basket is the priority. But if available, why not beauty and strength?
  • Specific Use –To what purpose you will use your basket anyway? Answering that question will help you in choosing the right material, color, and length.


Though it takes time actually to finish making a basket, it is relatively easy and practical. But you aim to create a rope basket that will endure for years or even as long as a lifetime. That means you have to consider not only the durability of the basket but also its appearance. It does contain and protect your items, but it can also contain and protect beautifully.