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The large pieces of stone will be transformed into a smaller one when we talk about the fields of lapidary. A diamond saw is the other name of the lapidary trim saw. Additionally, you can also call it as the lapidary slab slaw. In this case, let us first define what is a lapidary trim saw. The lapidary trim saw slices medium stones, which the medium size is only the minimum size as you can go over on the size of it. It does not only slices stones but also cuts glasses, minerals, semi-valuable materials, and core samples. There has been a lapidary trim saw that is known and best to use with its high safety measurement and the convenience to use. Thus, this was defined as the lapidary saw that can cut 3 inches within the source down to the end of the solid rock. 

The lapidary trim saw is divided into two types. The distinction lies in the size of the blade that was given off. The first one which is the trim saw has the thin and smaller blades, while the second once which is the slaw saw has thick blades that are meant for cutting heavy things. At around 4 to 6 inches is the size of the trim saw’s blade and at around 0.004 and 0.12 is the size of the diameter. At around 6 to 36 inches is the blade and the thickness points at 0.025. 

The lapidary trim saws are some kind of special tools with heaps of various variables to think about. A settled choice occurs when you are overwhelmed by it or by the price it gives. Before purchasing a lapidary trim saw, consider the descriptions and certain factors on it. After you have bought it, now let us discuss on how to use lapidary trim saw. Below in this part would be the step-by-step process on how to use a lapidary trim saw.

The Process on How to Use Lapidary Trim Saw

The Lapidary Trim Saw is a lightweight and portable machine. You can easily put this on your car as this doesn’t take up too much space when you go into your other home or the place which your stones are located at. The various speed will bring you its best reference on making such beautiful contents out from minerals and stones. The following steps below tell you how to use a lapidary trim saw, or if you just want to watch the video, with your back on the soft chair, then click the provided link below to follow the procedures. 

  • Wear some safety clothes, nose masks, and googles before trimming some stones. This is highly recommended and must be followed as the small particles may fly within your face or eyes that will then cause such disarm. Nose masks or any type of mask that will cover your nose and mouth from inhaling or unconsciously eating the dust. Therefore, use some google and it’s best to wear long-sleeve clothes that can cover your bare skin. Plus, put some aprons or coat after on it.
  • You can use cards as to be the guide you can use when cutting such particular shapes on your chosen stone. By doing this, you are visualizing what is the possible appearance will appear because once you’ve cut on it, there will be no turning points to make it as one big stone again. It will reassure at some point that you did well on cutting what are your chosen shapes or images.
  • If you don’t want to use or don’t have cards to use, then your next option is to draw the image on the stone. You can use a pencil on it, but please do not use a marker as it may be hard to wash of. The other alternatives can be pen where if you wipe it with some dry or damp cloth, the remarks from the ink will be removed.
  • Use “Sample Water Aid” and put a few drops on the box part of where the saw is located in order to lubricate the saw when being used.
  • You can’t make the lapidary saw work without some oil so it’s needed to put some of it. However, if you don’t want to use soil, then stick to the third process and then discard this part and proceed to the fifth process.
  • The lapidary trim saw has six speeds, and the speeds are where the strong measurements on how to harness the stone. Also, those are the speeds that you can choose to use, but it is recommended to go for number four as the highest number is quite hard to manipulate unless you have the basic or proficiency skills on using it.
  • This is optional but you can put some gloves, but make sure it is very tight but still, your hand can move as loose gloves can be cut than the stone you are holding.
  • Place the stone on the base of the lapidary trim saw. Carefully and slowly push it towards the blade by following the line of your design.
  • Do not bid goodbye to your focus as it needs balance looking and abilities to make sure no such harmful thing will happen. Thus, the worst can be one of your fingers can be cut.

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Lapidary Trim Saw doesn’t only take part in cutting stones. Hence, you can use this when you want to cut some piece of woods or materials which you think the lapidary trim saw can hold. Do not overestimate the idea that it can cut various things as this has the restriction on large-sized materials. Always carve this in your mind that you need firm focus when you start trimming or when you are in the way to shape the stones. I suggest you to go with a design that’s quite simple to shape off but it still give you a unique form or appearance.