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You don’t have to purchase fancy jewelry, where you may pay double the price. Instead, you can make your own. This way, you can get the design that you want and the quality you deserved at a lower price.

Making your jewelry is also fulfilling. If you are a jewelry enthusiast, it will be easy for you to assess the feature and make necessary adjustments. You can likewise do business out of it. It may sound impossible at first, but you can always start small. Making your own dangling earrings are easy to do. Once you get your experience, it would be easier to do a more complicated and different design.

Jewelry’s value never gets low. Once you established a reputable brand, you will be able to get your own company or have beautiful and unique sets of jewelry for your own amusement. To start, get to know the different jewelry making supplies you need to buy this 2020.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Here are the different jewelry making supplies you can get to start your jewelry adventure. Some of them might even be at your toolbox at home. Go and check them at one.

Wire Cutters

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You may need a lot of cutting when making jewelry. To make it easier and more convenient, the proper wire cutting will do the job easily. It will likewise help you handle wires easily. Make sure to get a good quality wire cutter so you wouldn’t waste money on cheap and easy to break ones.

Flush Cutters

While wire cutters are used to cut regular wires, flush cutters are used in the same way. The best thing about flush cutters is that you will never have loose ends. However, the flush cutters won’t work with thick wires well. They may get damages instead. This is only used when you want to get a perfect cut and finish with your thin wires.

Round Nose Pliers

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This is another helpful jewelry making supplies that are needed to create perfect lops and round designs. When you want to make hoops, bend your wires, clasp and unclasp rings, or get a nice curve for your jewelry, this tool is the perfect solution. This could already be in your toolbox. Every Jeweler needs good-quality round nose pliers ready at hand.

Flat Nose Pliers

Another jewelry making supplies that will help you with all the wires are the flat nose pliers. They are best to get an easier and firmer grip on the wire. Though they are not as essential as the round nose pliers, they are still important since the process of making jewelry needs two pairs of pliers; one is used in shaping the wire, and the other is for holding the other end.

If you can’t get flat nose pliers, you can have another help from the chain nose pliers. This will also help you get a firmer grip on the wire. The best part is, the chain nose pliers won’t leave ridges or marks that might be too obvious. It has a flat surface that works the wonder. The shorter jaws make it convenient to work with. You can use its top open and close jump rings.

Crimping Tool

Chain Nose Pliers

This another jewelry making supply will help you crush crimp bread and tighten them around for a better position. Most of the jewelry uses the nose plier for this, but it isn’t advisable for it may create sharp edges on the bead and could hurt and scratch the skin of the jewelry wearer. Instead, for a smooth finish, the crimping tool with its jaws will flatten the crimp bead well.

Practice Material

Get copper wires and other metal wires so you can practice making jewelry and get the ‘feel’ of the materials. It would not be practical to practice of expensive silver or golds. To know the process, start with the cheap practice materials.


One of the most essential jewelry making supplies that you need to have a lot of supply. The jewelry wires come in different sizes or gauges and materials. Some are thinner or thicker, while others are made of aluminum, copper, silver, and gold.

Thinner wires have a higher gauge number, and the thinner wires are good for when you are working with small stone beads that need extra care. Since these wires are thinner, they can be very delicate.

Bead Stoppers

When working with beads for your jewelry, you will need the beads stopper. Though this is not an important supply, you can still get one to get an easier way of keeping the beads in place. This will stop the beads for sliding from one end to another, thus, keeping them secure on one part.


You will need to measure wires and other things needed for your jewelry. The ruler is one of the most important jewelry making supplies, so keep one ready. Choose the graphing ruler or a transparent one to get your measurements done easier.

Jeweler Saw

You will need to cut and make little and delicate cuts into your jewelry material. The best tool to use is the Jeweler’s saw. This is made of different blade sizes, so you have the option to choose whatever works best.

Disk Punch

If you want to cut several sheet metal shapes such as circles and hearts, the disk punch will allow you to get as many as you can – all in the same sizes. There are also sizes available. This tool is best to save time and get a more uniform product.


These different jewelry making supplies are guaranteed to make the jewelry adventure and practice easier and better. They are also readily available in every craft store of a department store near you. There are even those sold online which come in the pack already. The best thing to do is to check the quality. Always remember that you are going to use them in the long run. So better invest in long-lasting things.

Additional important tools are your imagination and creativity. Without these two, it would be harder for you to get going. You would lack inspiration and designs. Thus, be creative and imaginative of your designs. Once you do, the jewelry making supplies will do the rest. The most important tools lie within you. Start your jewelry making journey now.