What will YOU do with all that $$ You are Saving?

I always think it’s easier to achieve your goals when you keep your eye on the prize. So what does that mean to you? Now that you’ve made the decision to start couponing what are you going to do with the money you are saving? Buy a new car? Start a college fund for your child? Save for retirement? Get out of debt? Or maybe you are in a position where you were forced to find a way to cut your costs in order to make ends meet….. Whatever the case it’s important to know “why” you are couponing. Keep your eye on the goal. Think about placing a picture of that new car on your coupon binder, or a photo of your house that you plan to pay off 15 years early. In any case, tracking your savings is vital and knowing where that extra money is going is important! If you aren’t saving as much as you need to, reassess your plan. Read our 12 Tips to Saving Time and Money or Tracking Your Coupon Savings. Here are a few extra tips for those that really want/need to queeze every dime.

  • Shop off season – September is the time to shop school supplies (after school has started) and NOW is a good time to buy for next summer – most summer gear, clothing, yard, and patio items are currently on clearance.
  • Transfer credit cards with a balance every 6 to 8 months to a card with a “0″ interest introductory offer until you can get them paid off
  • Talk to family about exchanging names this holiday instead of buying for everyone


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