Target Deals & Bargains!

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You will want to get a few of these Target deals & Target price cuts that I found in my local Target store yesterday. If you have not signed up for Targets Mobile Coupons then go here, click on “Coupon Savings” at bottom right side. You will see Mobile Coupons on the Left Side of page. All you do is give them your cell number and you are added!!! Don’t miss out on anymore of these Great Coupons!!  To redeem, just show your text to the cashier – its that simple!  Target printable coupons are in the footer of their page and you can stack a manufacturer’s coupon on top of a Target store coupon to double your savings!

You’ll also want to sign up for the Target Red Card so your can get a 5% off shopping pass when you fill Target prescriptions at the Target pharmacy.  Plus you’ll get Target pharmacy coupons (possibly) in the mail!  You can enroll at your local Target pharmacy!

More questions? Read our Target coupon policy 2012 on our Target Store Guide here.


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