Giant Store Guide

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Giant Store Guide


Giant is a good store for grocery shopping.   They offer double coupons up to 99 cents (just like Safeway in the Mid-Atlantic and ACME) along with a few different specials during the year.  Sometimes they’ll offer a Turkey for a thanksgiving promotions or something for Easter etc.  Giant sells organic products as well as conventional and offers a great selection of different brands and they have started a temporary GAS REWARDS program through Shell Gas Station.  It is similar to the Gas Rewards offered with ACME but you can buy gas at any Shell Station.  Read our question and answer guide below or click on the video presentation for a quick “unofficial guide” to savings at Giant.

Do I need a loyalty card to shop at Giant to obtain the most savings?

Yes you do!  You can obtain a Giant loyalty card in stores at the customer courtesy counter or on line at here

What if I forget my Giant loyalty card – can they look up my information with my phone number?

Yes they can!  Just give the cashier your phone number or if you are headed for the self check out hit “look up – forgot Giant  card” and you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number.

How do I “stack” coupons at Giant for additional savings?

You cannot “stack” coupons at Giant.  Stacking is when you use a store coupon (usually out of the weekly sale circular) along with a manufacturer coupon to double your savings.  The computers at Giant only allow 1 coupon per item with 1 exception – about 1 time every 4 or 5 weeks, in the store sale circular, Giant puts our coupons for Doublers or Triplers.  What that means is that when you use that double or triple sale circular coupon, the register at Giant will allow you to do 1 of two things: 1) For a coupon doubler – they will allow you to double a manufacturer coupon up to $1.00 (turning it into a $2.00 savings!); or 2) they will allow you to triple a coupon – usually up to $.50 cents (turning it into a $1.50 savings!  When you make use of the sale circular doubler or tripler event be sure to use the highest value coupon possible! (Very important!!!)

Does Giant double coupons?

Yes Giant doubles coupons up to $.99 cents at most stores – check with your local store management to confirm (not a cashier) .  However – if you are purchasing multiple items you should know that their computer will accept up to 4 identical items with coupons to be doubled and then the 5th item or coupon is only redeemed at face value.  So….. if you are purchasing more than 4 of any 1 item because there is a good deal than you should make a separate transaction after 4 items to maximize your savings.

How do I obtain Giant store coupons?

You can get Giant store coupons in the weekly Giant sale circular and sometimes they send out mailers directly to you home.  

Will Giant accept competitors coupons?

Yes – This is a big deal because  you may be able to score some nice savings using Target (coupons in the footer of the home page) coupons, Walgreens coupons, Rite Aid, CVS etc.  Remember that you can still only use 1 coupon for item purchased and Giant will NOT double a competitors coupons – only a manufacturer’s coupon (up to 99¢).

How do I get a Giant weekly sale circular?

If you click here you can sign up to receive a sale circular mailed (snail mail of course) right to your home each week.  I’m a tactile visual person (Maggie) so we like to get the circular mailed right to our house.

What is coupon overage?

Coupon overage is when you have a coupon that is higher than the cost of the item you are purchasing.  Giant’s computers will not allow for coupon overage however you can still obtain MANY items for FREE each week! Their computers are programmed so that it isn’t possible.

Is it really possible to get items for FREE at Giant?

Absolutely!  Our family does it and every little bit saves money for your family so you can spend money on the things that matter to you most – family and FUN!

Example: Malt-O-Meal Cereal was on sale for $1.49 for 17 oz bag.  I had a coupon for $.75 that was double when scanned at the register to $1.49.  I purchased 5 bags of cereal for FREE!

Helpful hint: If you can get an item for FREE then BUY IT!  If you will not use the item consider donating it to the local food bank or your favorite charity but NEVER turn away an item that is FREE!

What special offers does Giant have?

Giant offers different specials however they don’t “commit” to any one program as of my last call yesterday (7/2010).  They try and stay competitive and they have in the past had different promotions for Easter and Thanksgiving.  We’ll post any specials as they are made public so you can keep up.

Does Giant offer a discount on GASOLINE?

Yes they do!  We love this little feature – it’s NEW to Giant!  To take advantage of this offer you’ll need to shop at a Giant and be sure to use your Giant loyalty card – that is how the program will keep track of your points.  For every $100.00 you spend at Giant you will receive $.10 cents off per gallon of Gas at a Shell Gas Station.  ACME offer the same program but you have to shop at a store that has a gas station and not all of the ACME market do offer gas however ACME offers $.5 cents off per gallon for every $50.00 you spend.  So the amount you get off gasoline is really still the same at ACME and Giant but you can use your gas rewards at more places when shopping with Giant.  Shell Gas Stations are nationwide to our knowledge.

If you would like an in depth look at the Giant Gas Rewards Program click here for their Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to spend the $100.00 all at once to get the gas discount?

No you don’t.  Your purchases can accumulate over the weeks.  Your Giant loyalty card keeps track of your savings and your gasoline rewards will be noted on your CRT (cash register tape) at the bottom.  You can also create an “on line” account with Giant and track your savings and rewards here.

How do I redeem my Giant gas rewards?

You can redeem your Giant gas rewards at the pump of any participating Shell Gas Station.  It’s a pretty good program that is pretty easy to follow!  If you’d like to see a video on the Giant Gas Rewards Program click here.  If you want to find a local Shell Gas Station click here.

Do Giant gas rewards expire?

Yes they do – 30 days after they were issued to you. (Same as ACME)

How do I track my Giant gas rewards?

Your Giant loyalty card will track your gas rewards every time you shop at Giant. Gas rewards will be printed out on the bottom on your CRT (cash register tape).   If you have questions call Giant Consumer Affairs at 1-800-469-4426 Monday to Friday (Eastern Standard time) from 9am to 5pm.

Does Giant have an e-mail program to offer additional discounts?

Yes!  Check it out and sign up for additional promotions and savings!  Click here to sign up!

Does Giant offer and programs to load coupons savings electronically right to your card?  Yes – sign up here and you can do the following:

  • View your savings (from using your Giant Club Card)
  • Track your reward points (wiht your Giant Club Card)
  • Receive exclusive load to card offers
  • Choose a Frequent Buyer Reward
  • Find local store information

What is “Scan It?”

Scan it is a wand in participating Giant stores that allows you to scan your Gaint loyalty card and have coupons loaded directly onto your Gaint Club Card.  Aks the customer service counter in your local Giant if they are participating.  When you enroll in their e-mail program on line with your Gaint Club Card number you’ll see a picture of the “scan it” wand. The wand allows you to shop and bag your groceries right in the aisle as you are shopping!  Is that cool or what!  There are 2 particpiating location in DE, and hundreds in Maryland and Virginia.  Click here for a list of participating locations using “scan it.”  Did we tell you that with the “scan it” wand it also keeps track of your total grocery purchase as you go????  What an excellent way to stay on budget!  We wish more stores offered this service!

Does Giant allow price matching with sale circulars from a competitor like Safeway or ACME?

N0 – with the exception of turkey at Thanksgiving.  Giant generally releases a statement in November that they will match any competitors turkey price.  All you need to do is bring in the competitors advertisement (in full) and they’ll match the cheaper price for  your Thanksgiving turkey!

Does Giant offer a pharmacy and are there any specials?

Yes – Giant has a pharmacy and for quite some time now they’ve been offering a “FREE Antibiotics” program.  They have an approved list of antibiotics that are completely FREE (with prescription of course).  We were even able to use this program when our family dog came down with Lymes Disease!  We couldn’t believe it but we received 3 weeks worth of FREE antibiotics!  To use the FREE Antibiotics program they are only able to dispense 1 weeks worth of antibiotics at a time (so we had to get 2 refills) but it’s so worth it!  My vet was charging nearly $30.00 for the exact same meds!  With kids and ear infections and all sorts of other bugs these days we love this deal!  No co-pays – NOTHING!  Yes!  Sometime Giant offer free fish for prescriptions too!  Call your local pharmacy or check your sale circular for the latest promotions!  Once in a while there are no promotions.

How can I obtain a list of which antibiotics are FREE?

Click here for a list of antibiotics that are currently free with this program.

Where is the Giant FREE Antibiotics Programs available?

It is available in in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.  This program is not allowed in Delaware.

Does this program apply to new prescriptions, refills and transferred prescriptions as well?

Yes – it applies to new, transferred and refills! It’s such a great deal!!!!!

What day does the sale each week start and end?

Sales start on Friday and End on Thursday at the close of business.  ACME follows the same schedule.  Safeway sales begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday at the close of business

Where are the different Giant Stores?

Giant has many locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Click here to find a Giant near you.

Is Giant part of the grocery store chain located in Pennsylvania and Virginia and West Virginia?

Yes!  Some Giants are operated by Giant of Carlisle, PA and they are all owned by the same parent company.  To locate the other stores and check out their home page click here. Even thought these stores are owned by the same parent company they do NOT always offer the same promotions and sales.

Is there anything else I need to know about Giant to save BIG?

Always use your loyalty card!

How can I contact Giant for a rant or rave?

Call 1-888-469-4426 Monday to Friday (Eastern Standard time) from 9am to 5pm (Consumer Affairs for Giant) or click here to send an e-mail rant or rave.

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