Staples Coupon: HP Printer Ink Coupon

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Finally a coupon for HP Ink!

Now don’t forget that Office Depot and Office Max will accept competitors coupons so you can take this coupon to Staples or either of the other office supply stores and use it there!  If you do plan to use this HP ink coupon at Office Depot of Office Max, then be sure to print the coupon with the Staples logo (they’ll need that to accept a competitors coupon).

August/September 2012 Update – this coupon is no longer available. New info below:

HP logo 300x187 HP Printer Ink Coupons

Are you looking for HP printer ink coupons or coupons for other HP products?
 HP Printer Ink Coupons

Sign up with HP so you can get exclusive inside offers, HP ink coupons, HP secret sales information & more!  I’m signed up with HP and I think my HP emails come about once a week and sometimes an extra email for a special sale or HP coupon.  My last 3 computers have all been by HP and I’ve been pretty happy with them so I’ll likely continue using HP products.  Their warranty is really great as well.  I have the full extended warranty on my lap top and it covers accidental damage which is wonderful when you have little ones around… Accidents do happen!  HP will either send out a technician or send a box to you to mail your HP computer back to their headquarters.


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