Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Halloween: How to Write on a Jack O Lantern

If you’re looking for different pumpkin decorating ideas for Halloween then you may like to find out how to write on a jack o lantern. This fun activity would also be great for a fall harvest party.

Well we spray painted our pumpkin with black chalkboard spray paint so the kids could draw with colored chalk or do what ever they wanted on their pumpkins each day.  Its really neat!  My 3 year loves colored chalk and now she can draw different faces and pictures and anything she wants on her pumpkin every day.

We just took the pumpkin outside and placed it on old newspapers and started spraying with the chalk board spray paint.

Afterwards we let is dry overnight so the chalk board paint would set.  The next day my daughter started drawing  pictures on her pumpkin with chalk.  Be sure to check out all of our other Halloween bargains (great coupon codes on costumes) and ideas for fun!


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