Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Easter Basket Recipe

 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Easter Basket Recipe

  I like to keep Easter fun at my house so I was trying to think of what I could make on Easter morning that would tide the kids over until we have Easter Dinner…… And here’s what I came up with – A Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Easter Basket! This was fairly EASY and I just made it up myself. It didn’t take any special expertise at all! Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Easter basket recipe ingredients:

  • 3 Cans Pillsbury sweet rolls (some people call them cinnamon rolls & you can also buy Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls too)
  • 1 box Domino 10X Sugar
  • 2 Food Coloring (any colors)
  • Kitchen Scissors

Ok, find a large flat tray – like a cookie tray or something like that. Grease your pan (I prefer coconut oil). Open your cans of Pillsbury sweet rolls and start shaping your basket.  I start with the outside 1st. Next I do the basket weaving part. When you’re doing this part just look at the image above and remember a basket goes over then under, then opposite for the other direction. Clip any extra off with your kitchen scissors. Now I add the ribbon to the top of the basket with the pieces I clipped with my scissors. All I did was form a loop and put them all together at the top of my basket. Be sure to check out some of my frugal videos that will help you save too! Bookmark this site – to get more tips, ideas and more from Maggie the frugal living expert!  To find coupons for Pillsbury sweet rolls go here to my coupon database.


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