Jackolantern Faces & Funny Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Writing on a pumpkin with chalk image

Last year was our 1st year trying these out these new funny pumpkin decorating ideas. You can change the Jackolantern faces every day if you wish so it’s not just a one time pumpkin carving.  Besides, my daughter was pretty young last year so I wasn’t quite ready to pass over a butcher knife for pumpkin carving. ☺ Here are the directions to paint your Halloween pumpkin;

Pumpkin with can of Krylon chalkboard spray paint image

1st you need to buy some chalkboard spray paint.

pumpkin being spray painted black with chalk board paint image

We just spray painted our pumpkin with black chalkboard spray paint.  Then my daughter could draw with colored chalk or do what ever she wanted on her pumpkins each day.  Its really neat!  She loves colored chalk and now she can draw different faces and pictures and anything she wants on her pumpkin.

Pumpkin sprayed with black chalkboard paint image

And here is what it looks like drying.  Spooky color yet fun for kids all at the same time.

JackoLantern Faces Funny Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


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