Happy New Year Frugal Living in 2013

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If you’re busy in thought contemplating true frugal living in 2013 then you’re at the right place! I’m a frugal living expert and frugal living is much more than snipping and clipping coupons for the grocery store. Frugal living is a lifestyle.  Its a way of life that I live every single day. Because I save in every way possible I’m able to vacation in Disney World with my children, have fun family experiences, and afford lessons or activities for my kids like tennis, dance class or horseback riding! If you’re tired of saying “no” because of finances and you want to be more, have more and do more then 

you’ll be so excited to know that I’ve been thinking about how to help families just like your family, live a frugal life in the New Year 2013.  I have special videos planned on how to save, how to plan a weekly meal planning chart, webinars,  and I’m even planning a series on blog talk radio for frugal living. Stay tuned and bookmark this page in your favorites NOW. Be sure to sign up for my list here and click on “frugal living” and I’ll send updates to you on our frugal living series!

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