Frugal Kids Halloween Party Ideas

My son has come up with some of these neat frugal kids Halloween party ideas that I’ve been posting.  This one is so inexpensive and easy to do with a room full of kids at a party, cub scout meeting or girl scout event etc!

Take a styrofoam cup and cut out a scary face scissors.  Be sure to use the cup upside down when making your face. Crack a glow stick and insert in the cup. Place in a bathroom for lighting at your party, outside or place 1 in each window of your house (like people place 1 Christmas light in each window at Christmas time).  Styrofoam cups are so inexpensive!  You can get a pack of 50 cups for less than $5 so if  child makes a mistake or accidentally breaks there cup, you can easily use another one.

Since this activity involves cutting be sure the kids have constant adult supervision and are mature enough to do the activity safely. I did this with my 3 and a 1/2 year old and my 9 year old with no problems what so ever.

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