CVS After Christmas Clearance

by Maggie on January 4, 2013

I have some HOT deals for you with the CVS after Christmas clearance sales! 

Last night I hit my local Chester, MD CVS store to find some great bargains on after Christmas clearance items.  Many people don’t realize that drug stores, like CVS, get in some great gadgets and small appliances for the Christmas sale season.  Most of these items, they would never normally carry throughout the year so what doesn’t sell for Christmas CVS wants out of the store fast.  Right now my CVS is offering 50% off but soon you’ll find those savings moving to 75% off.  I was happy with 50% off many of the items so I picked up great gifts for my daughter and sons birthday that are coming up in the January and the next 4 months. I found some BIG savings and this will really help me so that when the birthday come up for my kids I won’t have to go out and purchase gifts at full price.

 50% off on candies! (stock up now for Valentines)

50% off small appliances!  I found microwaves, sandwich makers, crock pots, stereos, chip and dip containers where the dip is in a warmer (how cool is that!) and a child’s size First Act Guiter, Disney Tea sets, trucks, dolls and tons of Christmas decorations, ribbons, bags and paper!!!

Note: There were tons of items left! Hurry to your local CVS and plan in advance for birthday parties, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and save big NOW! Don’t wait until you “need” a gift because you’ll be stuck paying full price!

Plan for Valentines Day!  I found this great mini chocolate fountain.  What a great fun thing in your home on Valentines Day!

There were some wonderful Christmas decorations too!

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asillem4 December 31, 2014 at 6:17 pm

CVS will go to 90% off at some point. That is when I go insane.

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