Butterfinger S’mores Bars Recipe

Butterfinger S'mores Bars

DO you LOVE the combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow? Plus, now and then, do you like to have a delicious candy bar? Well then you have to try my original Butterfinger S’mores Bars Recipe! Yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m a complete s’mores fanatic and my family is as well. We’ve been making up s’mores recipes for years with all sorts of combinations. [Read more...]

July 4th Dessert Recipes

July 4th Dessert Recipes 17

I have more fun ideas for July 4th Dessert Recipes this year! I love cooking with my 5 year old and we made some fun July 4th S’mores! Come check out the my simple s’mores recipe that is easy enough to make with kids yet yummy enough to serve to everyone! [Read more...]

15 Fun S’mores Recipes

Smores Cupcakes Recipe

Everyone knows it – I’m a s’mores addict and so is my family. We all love and crave that combination of graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow. Well I want to share 15 FUN S’mores Recipes with you that you can try because, well, it’s S’MORES SEASON! Lol [Read more...]

S’mores Cupcake Recipe

S'more cupcake

Ahhhh – These s’mores cupcakes are so easy to make and so much fun!  I love s’mores and so does everyone in my family. I’ve been making up original s’mores recipes that are fun and unique for years. Whats not to like, right? The combination of graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows just seems to be a fun, comfort food, so that is how my s’mores cupcake recipe was born! Lol! ☺ Wanna pin this recipe and image on Pinterest? Link is here. [Read more...]

Chocolate S’mores Pudding Cups

Chocolate S'mores pudding cups

These chocolate s’mores pudding cups are easy and delicious!  You know I just love all things s’mores (who doesn’t, right?) so these were fun to make with my 4 year old daughter. We served them for dessert about 2 weeks ago when we had family come over for dinner.  I wanted to do something fun but easy and this recipe covered both! [Read more...]

S’mores Dessert Station

S'mores Dessert Station

Check out this great s’mores dessert station! I’m at a resort in Georgia and I’m having so much fun!  Go Rving is here and I’m checking out the great RV’s. I’m BIG into camping with my family. Oh sure, I love my trips  to hotels and other fun places of course but there’s just something about camping and being outdoors with the family. The memories we make around the campfire and the fun that we have is so memorable. There’s no phone, [Read more...]