Christian Mother’s Day Poems

Christian Mother's Day Poems

I’m wondering what plans my family will make for me on Mother’s Day. There are some that think that Mother’s Day is overrated but I’m here to tell you that there are millions of moms everywhere that just want to know that all of that running kids from here to there, changing dirty diapers, staying up all night with a sick child and being an advocate for your child at school when they’re bullied hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Being a mom is such a mixed bag…. Its absolutely the most loving and rewarding gift ever given to a woman yet at the same time the most challenging and difficult managing finances, schedules, sick kids, appointments, braces and more. Its hard but I would not give it up for all the money in the world.

Being a mom can leave you so proud of your child one minute and so embarrassed in another. Its crazy I know but there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. I’d lay my life down, fight a bear, an armed robber or anyone seeking true harm to my little ones. Here’s an original poem I wrote for Mother’s Day. Please feel free to share and use in cards and on line giving credit to Maggie Miller – mom of 5 great kids! I wrote 2 poems – 1 for mom’s that are still with us on earth and 1 for mom’s that are with God. [Read more...]

Short Mother’s Day Poems

Short Mother's Day Poems & Craft

Mother’s Day is coming up and many of us will be looking for some short Mother’s Day Poems so we can write a little something in a Mother’s Day card or maybe make a little hand print craft of our little ones to pas along to our moms on Mother’s Day.  Being a mom is a gift and the special moments and the little things in life like a short Mother’s Day poem in a card with hand prints are the things we cherish from the little ones! [Read more...]

Simple Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

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