Travel Maryland Summer Fun

 Touring Maryland

Summer fun isn’t quite over yet…… There are so many things to do and see right here in Maryland!  I’ve listed some (not all) of the most exciting adventures that you can still have, very inexpensively, right here in Maryland! Plus I have some awesome pictures to show you just how much fun you can have along with the sights that you’ll see. [Read more...]

Easy Healthy Side Dishes to Make

Easy Side Dishes to make'

Here’s a delicious and easy idea for side dishes for your meals. These easy healthy side dishes take just minutes to make and include your starch and vegetables all in one dish making dinner faster, easier and tastier! You can eat this alone if you prefer some meatless meals or pop a chicken breast on your George Forman grill. Literally, it would make for dinner in about 15-20 minutes! [Read more...]

Best Way to Freeze Pumpkin Puree

Best Way to Freeze pumpkin Puree

So you’re likely planning to make some pumpkin pies this fall and then all of a sudden you realize you have a ton of pumpkin puree left over and you want to know the Best Way to Freeze Pumpkin Puree….. Or better yet, you’ve thought ahead from Halloween to Thanksgiving and you know that you can process your pumpkin puree once and then freeze it, and use it again for a Thanksgiving Fresh Pumpkin Pie[Read more...]

Spring and Summer Clearance Sales

Summer clearance sales

Right now is a fabulous time to head out to the stores and just stroll up and down the aisles everywhere. Why? Because spring and summer clearance sales are happening everywhere. We’re not just talking a 15-30% discount – I’m talking about summer clearance bargains for 65 to 90% off! Just 2 days ago I hot my local Ben Franklin Craft store and found 2 aisles of  spring/summer on clearance for $1.00 each! Many items were originally $19.99 – that is a HUGE savings. I picked up several items for my upcoming Halloween party. Just a little black spray pain and a spooktacular fun imagination and the decorations with be good to go!