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It is always important to get the right tools to easily create something. These tools are specifically made to cater to the needs of project making. The same concept can be applied to wreath making. Using the right supplies for wreath making, the process will be done easily and correctly.

The different supplies for wreath making aren’t difficult to find. There are a lot of these items available in any craft or online store. You may want to get some ahead of time in order not to run out of supplies. Due to the multitude of supplies, it is very important to check the quality of the supplies for wreath making.

Some supplies are sturdy and of excellent quality, but they may be more expensive than the normal ones. However, it is up to you to decide. It is also better to buy the materials that you may use the next time, such as the wreath metal wire again. This way, you will save more.

Starting to get the supplies for wreath making is easy. Get to know the different tools needed and find them in your local stores or online. You can also check out some art craft stores that may sell wreath making supplies in packs. Go and have a fun time buying these supplies.

Wreath making Supplies You Need to Have

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Here are the different wreath making supplies you need to have this 2020. Complete your wreath making experience with the right tools and enjoy making wreaths for every occasion.

Wreath Frames

There are different wreath frames you can use. The most common ones are metal frames. You can get this in any craft store. They are usually in different sizes, with two or more circle frames connected. They are thin and can be reused. This is best for both fresh and plastic ornaments for your wreath.

Aside from these, there are also other wreath frames you can use your old metal hanger and formed it into a circle. Thick cardboard cut into a circle is also a nice alternative. Some other materials you can use to make a wreath using plastic flowers are foam boards, while for fresh flowers, you can use an aqua foam or a grapevine wreath frame. 


There are additionally different wires you will need, especially when attaching different decorations into the wreath form. You can choose metal wires as well, florist wires, and stub wires. These wires have different gauges or sizes, so you need to pick which gauge is best for your wreath.

Wreath Wrap

The wreath warp is best works when using metal wireframes. The process includes wrapping the wreath wrap around the frame while keeping the contents secure and tight. It is in green color that blends well with any wreath decoration, artificial or natural. This gives a protective cover and a fixed position.

Christmas Picks

You can use natural Christmas picks and order them fresh or dry. However, if you want something you can reuse over time, choose plastic Christmas picks. They are available in assorted colors, bundles, and designs, which are easier to blend and design. Most of these Christmas picks are branches of berries, cone brunches, long stem ferns, and leaves as well as other greenery picks. Ribbons

Plastic Flowers

One of the supplies for wreath making are plastic flowers. These plastic flowers are colorful, nice, and will create a wonderful signature look on your wreath. They are also available in different sizes. Plus, since they are made of plastic so you can reuse them. The most common ones are poinsettias, but there are other available such as mistletoes, hollies, stargazer lilies, roses, and hypericum.

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Dried Florist Products

If you want to create a unique wreath full of different dry fruits and spices, the dried florist products are the best choices. They come in packs. Most of the common ones are dried sliced apples, oranges, lime, and other citrus fruits. They also have cinnamon sticks and colored cones. This would be nice if you want something different other than the usual flowers and ribbons.

Wreath Moss

You can also use moss to make your wreath interesting. Your wreath ring can likewise be made of moss. This will create a nice and clean grassy look if you don’t want the sharp edges of leaves and other greeneries. This is also easy to style, and the color compliments every design as well.

Wire cutters

You will need sharp and reliable cutters to make sure the wires are cut and polished safely to avoid any cuts and creases. This will be a helpful tool for you to get the project going.


Scissors are also very important when dealing with flowers and greeneries. You will need to cut a few inches off of them to get the look that you want. To do it safely, secure a good pair of scissors.


These supplies for wreath making will surely make the process easier and more fun. You will get to play with colors and designs. You can have a wreath theme that you can follow, and each Christmas is different. You can even make Christmas wreaths using the different colored flowers and greeneries to light up a room.  The supplies for wreath making are what make wreath-making fun and interesting. Get yours now, and have fun arranging and doing designs.