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These days, we observe new trends in arts and crafts. For example, we see the popularity of DIYs and upgrading old furniture items. Along with these trends are the introduction and the unquestionable popularity of furniture stenciling.

If you find this craft somewhat appealing, or if you want to stencil a feature wall, or enjoy an upcycling project, making a stencil and stencil letters should be the first base to touch. Learning about this will give you the knowledge that you need to create beautiful stencils of different types.

Preparations Needed

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When making stencil letters, there is no need to have your own cutting machine, like a Cricut machine. As a matter of fact, learning to make and designing your very own stencil does not just give you complete control of your creativity but also costs less than actually buying stencils or getting a cutting machine. Still, if you opt to have one, it is completely up to you.

As a matter of fact, having your own machine will give you the liberty to make your own stencils in a hassle-free way. However, making your own stencil letters without a machine gives your creativity a boost. It is also a perfect alternative if you feel that you do not have enough resources to get your own stencil machine. This also applies if you simply want to try to learn how to make your own stencil letters.

DIY Stencil Letters

Making your own stencil letters can no doubt save you a good amount of time while getting your personal craft as soon as you could. This method for making stencil letters is fun and convenient, though you may expect to do more work. The best part, however, is that after everything is completed, that sense of satisfaction in knowing that you have accomplished something out of scratch and s a huge amount of creativity.

For this DIY stencil letters making technique, it would help a lot if you know how to use some apps, such as Photoshop CS4, or other advanced applications and software. If you do not know any of these, there is no need to worry. You can still make your own stencil as long as you are willing to learn.


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·         Step 1

For this guide, we will be using photoshop as our software of choice. Open the software up, go to “File” and “Create a New File”. This will introduce you to a box that will allow you to give your file a name.

·         Step 2

Select the size of paper that you prefer. For this guide, we will use A4 (international paper) because the size is just enough. You still have the option to create huge stencils by entering a customized size while entering the dimensions.

·         Step 3

Once the file is already open, you can select ‘T’ which means ‘Text’. Select the Font that you prefer. Among the stencil friendly fonts is the ‘Stencil STD’. This font is ideal for making rustic and industrial stencil writing. If you feel that the options are limited, there are some downloadable fonts that you can find online. This also applies if you want some special fonts, as well as original ones that you want to make. There are also some graphics and fonts that can be purchased from some special online stores.

·         Step 4

Add the words that you want to create, playing around with the design. Allow your creativity to inspire you and enjoy the craft.

·         Step 5

Once you have already created the words using the font that you prefer, you can now start printing, and now ready to create your stencil. You can now print. Printing in black ink is a preferred option for many.

Cutting comes next. A recommended tool is an X-Acto knife, cutting the letters slowly on a cutting sheet, or a cutting matt. This will ensure that you do not accidentally damage your work surface or table. This is the recommended way to manually cut stencils since this tool is sharp and little, and you can easily manage around with the corners.

·         Step 6

After cutting out your stencil, you can now begin stenciling. This can be done with a limitless number of words. This technique can also be replicated with images too. You can look for vectors graphics, printing them out, cutting the outline, and you are on your way to stenciling! There are different methods that you can try out. You may even discover new ones along the way.


If you have the patience to make your own stencils, and if you do not have the resources to get a stencil cutting machine, this method will work effectively for you. You may start with some ideas tested and proven by others, and discover your own along the way.