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Being new to the world of knitting doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be able to produce wonderful handcrafted clothing for your loved ones. Gaining the ability from time-to-time will bolt out your skills into new levels, which you can unlock more difficult patterns or styles you wanted to make. Henceforth, you need to undergo the basic skills, the simple patterns as to not heighten anxiety or awakes irritation when you can’t do it well. Knitting will help you bring out the best clothing style with just the use of your yarn and creativeness on what to make. 

You may find it difficult to begin what type of pattern you can achieve. But, try not to feel this sentiment along the lines as knitting is just a simple job that results in a beautiful masterpiece. The moment you’ve knitted, the moment you will be engrossed in it. Yet, let us first know the simple knitting patterns that will help you.

Top 20 Simple Knitting Patterns for Beginners

1. 1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern

The 1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern is mostly used to weaved pieces of clothing. This central knitting stitch is purely related to traditional ribbing through substation of the knit and purl ways in stitching. It results in a stretch fabric that will hold your skin tightly.

2. 2×2 Rib Stitch Pattern

This pattern is known to people who like to knit, and this is simple to do. This is practically the same as the 1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern; however, this is done by 2 purl and 2 weave stitches. Sweater sleeves are one of the most recipients of the best appearance of output when making this pattern.

3. Broken Rib Stitch Pattern

This pattern needs your mastery skills on the two fundamental stitches, which are the knit and purl. These two fundamental stitches are joined with odd rows on the right side by switching back and forth between on it. Knitting one stitch, then purling the other stitch, then you need to do this repeatedly.

4. Chevron Seed Stitch

A 4-row repetition of the “Knit Stitch Pattern” is what you should do to make the Chevron Seed Stitch. The resulting fabric is perfect for classy cushion with good graphical textures. You can also weave this if you wanted to have a thick knitted scarf to use.

5. Double Moss Stitch Pattern

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The “Seed” together with the “Irish Moss Stitches” is the combined patterns added with repeating the rows 4-times is the steps on how to make Double Moss Stich Pattern. This goes with the knit and purl’s basic skills when doing stitches. This is just like a basic pattern, but it includes incredible textures upon its appearance and when you use it.

6. Color Blocking Pattern (Intarsia Garter Stitch)

If your skill is limited to the knit stitch, then you can make this pattern, which increases the creativeness of the product. You can achieve the dual colors of your scarf or of which type of product you want to knit. It helps you change the colors of your yarn and add some fun details to it.

7. Stockinette Stitch Pattern

To do the Stockinette Stitch Pattern, you must exchange the knit row and the purl row. This is a fundamental stitch pattern that you can follow easily. This pattern goes best with blankets, scarves, harts, or any other things which you wanted to.

8. Beaded Rib Stitch Pattern

This pattern is like a vintage aesthetic design, which you can do it by combining the knit and purl pattern. Thus, this pattern is a repetition of the Knit Stitch Pattern within the rows. It has the appearance of like ribbing the rows separately with new blends of texture.

9. Double Fleck Stitch Pattern

The Double Fleck Stitch Pattern smartly utilizes the knit and pearl methods of stitching. A satisfying weaved clothe will be yours when you make this pattern. This twofold pattern is incredible for sweaters and afghans.

10. Pique Rib Stitch Pattern

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An incredible method to make the profundity of ribbing while at the same time permitting your piece to effectively lie flat is the goal of this Pique Rib Stitch Pattern. A 4-row repetition of the Knit Stitch Pattern will flawlessly bring you an exquisite scarf.

11. Garter Stitch Pattern

This pattern is one of the known fundamental knitting patterns which you can knit in fabrics. You will knit per row to form into a Garter Stitch Pattern. You will easily notice that the fabric is done by Garter Stitch Pattern when the horizontal edges are knitted in circles through any other rows out there.

12. Large Stacked Triangle Stitch Knitting Pattern

Connection the Garter Stitch Pattern with the Stockinette Pattern will result in a Large Stacked Triangle Stitch Knitting Pattern. This pattern is an extraordinary outline best for realistic curves of blankets, scarves, and pillow cover. Knitting and purling with the 28 times of repetition on the basic skill (knit and purl) will come out into a bold surface of this pattern.

13. Diagonal Spiral Rib Stitch Pattern

A finished slanted ribbing is what you can look at the final look of the Diagonal Spiral Rib Stitch Pattern. An 18 repetition repeat by the Knit Stitch Pattern must be done to resemble a perfect new pattern. It’s considerably thicker with an incredible measurement of the knitted yarns due to its structure. This pattern is best to use when you want a thick sweater.

14. Parallelogram Stitch Knitting Pattern

A cutting edge surface of the interconnecting oblique edges is what will result when the Parallelogram Stitch Pattern is being used. Repeating the Knit Stitch Pattern by 16 times in its row will make your situation better to achieve on it. The best option for knitted cushion covers, pillows, and scarves this looks best.

15. Garter Checkerboard Stitch Pattern

A mixture between the ways on how to knit using the Stockinette and Garter is the underlying ways on how to do the Garter Checkerboard Stitch Pattern. This pattern is said to be one of the best vintage designs. The Knit Stitch Pattern is repeated 14 times in a row to extremely knit this in simple waves yet so elegant to look at. You can produce a deceptive woven look that’s best to use in basket fabrics.

16. 7×3 Flat Rib Stitch Pattern

The stockinette way following the seven extensive stitches dividing by three slender garter ribs is what you can envision on the appearance of this pattern. Knitting scarves and blankets are its fundamental thing, and you can easily achieve it by repeating the Knit Stitch Patter 2 times and in its row line.

17. Waffle Stitch

If you love waffles so much that you wanted to have some things which it has the same looks on it, then you need to know this “Waffle Stitch” pattern. You can create new accessories with your yarns or create some gloves and hats. With the double crochets partnered by the post double crochets in the front is the way on how to make this.

18. Flag Stitch Pattern

An excellent profundity of the surface is what the Flag Stitch Pattern will bring you on the fabrics which you want the most to have. You need to repeat the 6-row Knit Stitch Pattern for the outcome to be perfect. A reversible type this may look, but it doesn’t conclude to a fact that you are wrong as this is still correct. It hits both the wrong and correct sides on the fabrics you have knitted.

19. Tile Squares Stitch Pattern

Combining the Stockinette and Seed Stitch is the skill you need to have to knit this pattern. In vertical ways, do the Stockinette with the Seed Stitch and then by at the horizontal part, do some purls. Repeating the Knit Stitch pattern by 6 times in a row will weave this pattern. Thus, the resulting product would be so beautiful, and you can weave this when you want a knitted blanket. 

20. Pennant Pleating Stitch Pattern

The Pennant Pleating Stitch is the kind of simple structure covering the vertical sections of the Stockinette and Garter structures in which the triangles are being interlocked. Eight times repeating the Knit Stitch Pattern in a row this is. Knitting or weaving gorgeous looking pillowcases is the ability of this pattern. Figuring out how to knit probably is one of the best getaway things needed to do when you want to rest or do something creative and new. You can daydream on what scarf, hat, or any out there than can be done through knitting. Doing knitting will ease anxiety as this helps you focus. Imagine how this simple knitting will help you calm your insights and self. Going for the simple knitting patterns is like the basic step, yet it opens up the wide doors of yours to enjoy knitting. Also, it opens up how you can turn into a simple knitting pattern to a fantastic thing that you can use.