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The paper baskets are one of the most valuable things around the house. An extraordinary gift for your person can be this or a thing where you can put your keys or any material out there. When we talk about paper baskets, you already have the hint that this is a basket made of papers. 

Moreover, basket making with paper is simple and fun to do, no matter what you are age now. Doing the paper basket will enhance your weaving skills and enhances focus and determination. Hence, this article will give you the steps on how to weave or make baskets using papers.

Two Possible Simple Ways and an Alternative Way in Basket Making with Paper

The degree of your creativeness will be heightened once you’re going to make this paper basket happen. Yet, this is just a simple paper basket, but do not underestimate its value as it is usable and has good benefits. Now, let me give you what the two possible ways in basket making with paper are. Henceforth, the first part of this paper talks about using some old newspapers, and the second part talks about using colored or construction papers. An additional alternative way can also be found in this paper.

A. Using Old Newspapers 

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For the Body

  1. The preparation of all materials will always be a fundamental step. Hence, the materials needed are newspapers, scissors or cutters, cardboard (thick boards), adhesive tape, pine skewer (or floral wire), and glue. 
  2. With the width of 10 centimeters, this must be the measurement of your newspaper strips. If you want to go over the given measurement, then feel free to do so as it will matter on what size you want. 
  3. In a horizontal way, fold your newspaper and cut it using scissors or cutters. You will be given the freedom of how many horizontal newspaper strips you are going to cut.
  4. After cutting it, put the floral wire of your newspaper strips. You can use pine skewer or some thick string materials when you want your basket to be so firm.
  5. Fold now your horizontal newspaper strips, together with the floral wire. Do not forget that your wire must be longer than your paper strips.
  6. You can choose between the glue and adhesive tape to tape it. 
  7. Now, continue folding and making newspaper strips.

For the Base

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  1. The base of your basket can any be of the geometrical shape which you like. However, it may need to add some few efforts when you want to quite hard shapes.
  2. Let’s use the rectangle shape as the base for your paper basket. The sizes won’t matter as long as your wants will be at yours.
  3. Cut two pieces of your rectangle base.
  4. The two pieces would serve as the first and second base. The first base would be on where the newspaper strips will be glued and the second base is where would the base for the materials you wanted to put. 
  5. You can use cardboard or any hard materials for your base, as long as the paper strips can handle it. 
  6. On your first base, glue, and tape your horizontal newspaper strips. If you are using glue, wait for some time to dry it.
  7. The placement of your paper strips must have a designated distance, or you can measure your base and divide on how many papers strips you are going to use.
  8. After drying, place the second base on top of your first base with the taped paper strips.

Final Touches for the Body

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Get another paper strip and surround it with the base.

  1. You must do it by alternating the move. Consider that there are two faces of the paper strips, the front, and the back. The front talks about the paper strips facing another paper strips, on the edge. The back is where your paper strips face the walls or corners of your room.
  2. Place the new paper strips on the one that is glued on the base in an alternate manner. Make sure that your base paper strips are standing now. Be careful about making it stand or do not pull it hard as it can be broken.
  3. When the first paper strip is done and did not surround all glued paper strips, use another one, and connect it. With the hole and its extra floral wire, connect on it. Also, make sure that there will be no floral fires that can be seen outside.
  4. Continue doing it until you covered all the glued paper strips.
  5. The way to make the handle of the basket is by gluing two new paper strips, facing edge to edge. And then you need to connect it by making a semi-circle above the body and base.
  6. Now, your paper basket is done! 

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B. Using Construction or Colored Papers

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  1. Just like on the making paper strips, cut your construction or colored papers horizontally. You can use two or more types of colored paper. 
  2. Do not fold your colored papers, unlike the newspaper. Lay the cut colored papers on your table, and make sure it is by column and add some small space before placing new colored papers.
  3. After placing it, get another cut colored paper and place it in a row. By putting the new colored papers, it must be in an alternate way, or the paper must be underneath then on top, and continue doing it so.
  4. After on the underneath then top method, use some ruler to make your colored paper strips stand up. You must make sure that each side has the same heights.
  5. Use another two colored paper strips and tape both ends. The result would be like a square or a rectangle paper strip.
  6. On the standing strips, put it alternately and make sure the edges of your square trips are in line with the edge of the standing colored strips.
  7. Continue doing it until all the standing strips are now covered.
  8. If your basket is wide enough, make sure to measure what length is needed to its handle.
  9. After measuring the handle, cut another colored paper with its size.
  10. Glue it in one of the faces of the body (inside) and the other end to the other face of it.
  11. Now, your colored paper basket is done. 

C. Using Old Newspapers Soaked in Glue and Water 

  • Just like the steps in using newspapers, this method follows on it but it will disregard materials like floral wire or any wire you are using.
  • You need to soak the folded newspaper strips in the glue and water then start doing the process.
  • This won’t be needing the floral wires as the glue and water will be substituted as the connector of the strips.
  • The only disadvantage of this method is you will be playing with time as the soaked newspaper may dry even before you use it.


Basket making with paper can be a thorough job for you as this needs some concentration. Yet, the amount of joy you can get after and during making it doesn’t cost. You will now add this to your set of handcrafted materials. Things like car keys or any small things can be put in here. Also, you can add your succulents in a pot in this paper basket. The two simple ways above are the beginner and ender’s steps on how to achieve paper baskets. Then start weaving your paper basket now and explore the beauty of life you encounter once making it.