Wendy’s Restaurant Birthday Club

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Today is my birthday so I’m going to post some of the birthday clubs you can join to snag some coupons and freebies for you and your family on your special day!

Don’t forget to register your spouse and kids for these birthday clubs too!  Click here to join the Wendy’s club.  This year I received a Wendy’s coupon – check it out here!

If you like getting freebies then you’ll definitely want to get started using text coupons!

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Here is a completely FREE E-book for your frugal living strategy that will help you save a bundle!  Text coupons are relatively new (in comparison to paper coupons) but are the hottest and easiest way to save! 98% of the text coupons in this book DO NOT REQUIRE a Smart Phone!

That’s right and you can buy it for just $2.99 now on Amazon and load it right to your book reading device – Like Kindle!  Or… if you are a member of Amazon Prime the book is FREEJust click the link! We searched high and low for GREAT text coupons that are FREE for restaurants, retail establishments, grocery stores and much more…..  Add text coupons to your over all frugal living and savings plan now!  So far this book has several 5 star reviews!!!!!!  I know several of you have already checked it out and we want to say thanks!  E-coupons are really the wave of the future of coupons!  Don’t be left behind!  This book goes over what they are, how to use them and what you’ll save!

If you don’t have a Kindle you can load this e-book onto your computer!  

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