Target Coupon Match Ups!

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Here are the Target Match-ups.  These match ups are price checks we did in the Orange City, FL Target and from the weekly Target Sale Circular.  If you have not signed up for Targets Mobile Coupons then go here, click on “Coupon Savings” at bottom right side. You will see Mobile Coupons on the Left Side of page. All you do is give them your cell number and you are added!!! Don’t miss out on anymore of these Great Coupons!!  To redeem, just show your text to the cashier – its that simple!  Target coupons are in the footer of their page and you can stack a manufacturer’s coupon on top of a Target store coupon to double your savings!  If you go onto theTarget web site be sure to check their on line clearance section.  I was really impressed with the items and savings this week!

Remember that if you shop with your Target Red Card you’ll receive 5% back each time!  I don’t use a Red Card but many readers I know do so….  I use a no Hassle Rewards card for all of my purchases – we get tons of freebies from the rewards at the year end each year (I charge everything, even my electic bill, & pay it off at the end of each month). When you use the printable list – before you print you can add items to the list….. Makes shopping just a little easier and you’ll be less likely to forget!  My favorites are always in red so you can spot them easily.


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