Walgreens Store Guide

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Hi there I’m Maggie and I want you to learn how to save at your local Walgreens store. See my Walgreens easy to read question and answer guide below.  

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What are the savings program available at my local Walgreens?

There are so many ways to save with Walgreens and sometimes even  make money.   Walgreens offers Registers Rewards (coupon lingo RR), Walgreens coupons, and a new program called the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program.. These all will help you save BIG.

How can I obtain a Register Reward from Walgreens?

Register Rewards are Catalina coupons that print out at the register when you purchase a qualifying product. The Walgreens weekly store sale circular generally notes the item that offer Register Rewards. Some items may NOT be noted in your sale circular (unadvertised sales). Check back with us prior to your shopping trip to Walgreens to get a complete and up to date listing of items offering Register Rewards in our Walgreens coupon matchups.  Once in a while there are “in store specials” that Walgreens just doesn’t list in their sale circular.

Helpful hint: If you are purchasing an items at Walgreens that qualifies for a Register Reward please remember that Walgreens has a limit of 1 per transaction per item. Example:

Nail Polish $2.00 and noted in the circular to give a $1.00 Register Reward

If you purchase the 1 nail polish on sale you will receive 1 Register Reward.  If you purchase 2 of the nail polish in the same transaction you will NOT receive 2 Register Rewards.  If you want to purchase 2 of the nail polish on sale and get 2 of the Register Rewards offered then you’ll need to make separate transactions.

You may however, obtain several Register Rewards in one transaction provided you are purchasing several DIFFERENT qualifying items.

Can I pay for the second transaction using a Register Reward from the 1st transaction to save on money out of pocket?

If you are purchasing identical items and make 2 transactions and use the 1st Register Reward generated to pay for the 2nd transaction a second Register Reward will not print. If you pay for the 2nd transaction using another form of payment, however, a Register Reward will be generated.

  Helpful hint: Using the example above; If you are planning to purchase 2 nail polish and get 2 of the $1.00 Register Rewards, then
you’ll need to make separate transactions AND pay for the second transaction of the identical item without using the Register Reward
from the 1st transaction. So, if you pay for the 2nd transaction with a different Register Reward or by check or cash etc then a Register
Reward will be generated.

How can I use a Register Reward (RR) from Walgreens?

Register Rewards can be used like a coupon or like “Walgreens money.”

Helpful hint: You will never receive change from a Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) so ALWAYS make sure your purchase is over the price of your Register Reward to ensure you redeem the entire value.

How do I know which products will produce Register Rewards (RR) when I complete my transaction?

Products that generate Register Rewards (Catalina Coupons) are listed on our Walgreens coupon match ups every week and generally in the Walgreens sale circular.

Helpful Hint:Not all products that generate a Register Rewards are listed in the Walgreens weekly sale circular. Check back with us for a complete up to date listing each week.  Sometimes Walgreen stores have “unadvertised specials.”  We will try to note any unadvertised specials as they become available.  You may also send a text to  us at 410-490-4051  if you find any special unadvertised promotions so that we can share it with everyone (giving credit & a big thanks on our blog to you of course!).

What happens if a Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) does not print?

If you purchased the correct qualifying items to receive a Register Reward (coupon lingo RR) and one did not print at the end of your transaction then please call the Catalina company at 1-888-322-3814 or 1-888-8coupon. You will need to have your receipt available when you make the call to verify that you purchased the correct qualifying items to generate a Register Reward. Once your qualifying purchase has been verified over the phone a Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) will be mailed to your home in several weeks.

           Helpful hint: Your other option is to return your order for a full refund or have the manager re-ring your entire order.

Can I use my Register Rewards on a second transaction – like a separate order?

Yes you can however you cannot use a Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) to pay for the same item that just generated a Register Reward. If you pay for an identical item with a Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) that you received from a previous transaction then another Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) will NOT print. You may however pay for the second transaction with a different Register Reward that you received from a different product purchase. Meaning you can roll Register Rewards (Catalina Coupons) for different transaction but NOT the same identical transaction.

How do I “stack” coupons at Walgreens for additional savings?

“Stacking” is the coupon lingo we couponers use when we use more than 1 coupon on a single item. In Walgreens you can “stack” an in-ad store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon to double your savings. You may also “stack” the in ad store coupon (A Walgreens Store Coupon) with a manufacturers coupon.  You can however only have 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item purchased however.  Remember that a Register Reward (Catalina Coupon) is technically a Manufacturer’s coupon.

Helpful hint:You cannot use more than 2 coupons on a single item or the register/scanner will beep. So the maximum you can “stack” on a single item is a Walgreens Store Coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon. Walgreens will not give $ back so if you have coupon overage you must purchase another item. Some couponers call these “fillers” or “ad on items” like a pencil or pack of gum. We make a habit to spend our “filler”  items eggs or milk.  Some coupons buy a gift card and that can be your item with no coupon.  If it’s a staple we know our family will ALWAYS use it.  It never goes to waste and we’re never buying something we don’t really need.

 What are Walgreens Balance Rewards?

The Balance Rewards program is a type of loyalty program similar to other drug stores. (Rite Aid has the +Up Rewards program & CVS has the Extra Care program)  In September of 2012 Walgreens began implementing this new program called Walgrens Balance Rewards.

How can I become a Walgreens Balance Reward Member?

There are several different ways to enroll in the Walgreens Balance Reward program; online enrollment (click here), a mobile app, you can enroll in store, or call 855-225-0400 to set up your membership.

Helpful hint: When you join online or on the Walgreens mobile app, you will not be mailed a physical card. Want one? Visit your
local Walgreens and ask a sales associate to link a physical card to your membership.

Does Walgreens offer FREE mobile text coupons?

Yes they do – you have to be enrolled in the Balance Rewards program and you need to load the Walgreens Balance Rewards free mobile app to get the Walgreens text coupons.

How will I save using the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program?

Balance Rewards Members  earn points with the purchase of specified products and/or services during specified promotions periods (you’ll find these noted in the your Walgreens sale circular each week or on your Walgreens mobile app). You can also rewards Balance Rewards for online orders from Walgreens just the same as if you purchased in store.  Points will be awarded to the Member’s account 3-5 days after an online purchase. Members can also earn points for making healthy choices, such as getting an immunization, filling a prescription,  or participating in the Walk with Walgreens program (click here for information). You’ll receive 10 point per mile. Walgreens also offers specific savings just for members that you can find on your mobile app, in store (look for signs) or in your weekly Walgreens sale circular.

Do AARP members get any extra perks at Walgreens?

Yes they do!  Balance Rewards members get 5,000 points when they spend $25 in a single purchase – plus 5 special point offers* You’ll need to link your AARP membership card with your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card.  You can do that in store with the cashier or on line here.

Does is cost any money to join the Walgreens Balance Rewards program?

No, the program is completely FREE.

How can I redeem my Balance Rewards savings and check on the points I have earned? 

Your savings will print out on the bottom of your cash register receipt when you shop with Walgreens. (see the image of my personal receipt to your right)  You can also check your balance using the Walgreens Balance Rewards mobile app or go to Walgreens on line (click here). To redeem your savings simply tell the cashier when ringing up your order that you’d like to redeem your balance rewards and he/she will deduct the money from your total.  You will then see the  remaining Balance Rewards (if any) printed like a “mini statement” on the bottom of your receipt.

Does Walgreens offer pharmacy discounts?

Yes! .  If  you go to the Walgreens site here, you’ll see this image (to the left) noting that you can transfer a prescription and get a $25 Walgreens gift card. I have also seen pharmacy coupons for a Walgreens gift card in the sale circulars when a new Walgreens store has opened and sometimes Walgreens will release pharmacy coupons in their weekly sale circular. You may also print a Walgreens prescription coupon here. Take that to your local Walgreens when you transfer a prescription and you’ll get the $25 Walgreens gift card.

What happens if I go to the Walgreens to purchase an item on sale and they are sold out of the item?

Ask a sales associate to issue a “Rain Check.” This is a slip of paper given to the consumer so that they can come back at a later date and time and purchase that item at the sale price after the sale is over since Walgreens was out of stock on that item.  The problem with rain checks by Walgreens is that if you are purchasing an item that generates a register reward and  you get a rain check for that item you will not get a register reward after the sale week is over.  CVS however does have a system that they can offer a rain check and note the amount of ECB’s (Extra Care Bucks) you are to receive when that item is back in stock after the sale is over.

How long do I have to use my “Rain Check?”

Rain Checks are generally good for 30 days from the date issued.

Helpful hint: A Rain Check will not generate a Register Reward after the qualifying purchase period has ended.

Can I still get a Register Reward using a rain check?

No not if the time period for issuing the Register Rewards for a qualifying purchase is over even with your rain check you will not receive a Register reward (Catalina Coupon). CVS however does have a system that they can offer a rain check and note the amount of ECB’s (Extra Care Bucks) you are to receive when that item is back in stock after the sale is over.

How can I find the nearest Walgreens?

For a Walgreens store locator click here.

When are the sales from week to week?

Sales start on Sunday and end at the close of business on Saturday.  If you have a 24 hour Walgreens the new sale week starts Saturday night at midnight.

How do I obtain Walgreens coupons?

Walgreens store coupons are available each week in the Walgreens sale circular, each month in their Walgreens Coupon Booklet – generally located in the front of the store near the weekly sale circular, and in the Walgreens Children’s Coloring book for sale at a nominal fee, and in the pharmacy area in FREE publications like “Diabetes and You.”

Helpful hint:Ask a Walgreens associate at the cosmetic counter if she has any coupons for the items you are purchasing or plan to purchase. Manufactures coupons are mailed in bulk to Walgreens stores for many health and beauty items and the cosmetic counter generally carries a good supply.

What is coupon overage?

Coupon overage is when the value of the coupon is higher than the price of the item you are purchasing. Walgreens store policy prohibits coupon overage. To find a store that will allow coupon over see our Walmart Store Guide here.

How do I use my coupons on a buy 1 get 1 FREE promotion to maximize my savings?

You may use a coupon on the item you are purchasing and on the item you are getting for free according to the Walgreens coupon policy here.  You can also use a manufacturers buy 1 get 1 FREE coupon on a buy 1 get one FREE sale and score BOTH items for FREEEEEE!!!

For example:
Pampers diaper on sale buy 1 get 1 free (b1g1) $5.99 per package
Use 2 manufacturers’ coupons – 1 on each package


Purex Laundry detergent is on sale buy 1 get 1 free
Use a manufacturers buy 1 get 1 free coupon = 2 for FREE!!

Helpful hint: Remember – if it’s FREE buy the product or item even if you don’t use it and donate to charity or save it for a coupon party swap.

How do I contact Walgreens for a Rant or a Rave?

If you are having a problem with a specific Walgreen’s Store I would first suggest contacting the store manager. If you are not satisfied with the resolution offered to you than you may contact;

1-800-WALGREENS or 1-800-925-4733 (Helpful hint: program into your phone)

Walgreens Corporate Headquarters
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
How can I find out more about clearance items at Walgreens?

Ask an associate where clearance items are generally located in that particular store. Clearance items are marked in 2 ways; orange and yellow. Orange tags are issued from the corporate office for all Walgreens stores. Yellow tags are specific to each individual store.  Sometimes clearance is on an end cap and sometimes it is located mixed in on the shelves with other merchandise.

Helpful Hint:Pair clearance items with a Walgreens and/or manufacturer’s coupons to score the items for FREE!

Does Walgreens have a “coupon policy?”

Yes – as of August 2010. Since their policy is so new you will want to print out the policy and take it with you in your coupon binder each time you shop just in case your savings are in question with a cashier that has not been trained with the new coupon policy. Good luck and report back each week on how your savings added up and any rants or raves with which stores, please.  Remember if we all work together we can all save more!!  Click here to see a copy of the Walgreens Coupon Policy.

Does Walgreens allow multiple transactions?

All Walgreens stores that I have ever patronized have allowed multiple transactions.  We have never had any issues.

Helpful hint: When making multiple transactions, remember that you may pay for your purchases at the photo register or the cosmetic counter so as not to hold up a long line if the store is busy on that day.  The

pharmacy also has a register.

Am I stealing when I use all these coupons at Walgreens and get these items for FREE?

Absolutely not! Walgreens is reimbursed for all manufacturers coupons plus $.08 cents per coupon so they actually benefit when customers come in with multiple coupons!

Can I price match at Walgreens with a competitor’s sale circular?

No. Price matching is allowed at Target and Walmart, however.

Does Walgreens offer an e-newsletter with specials?

Yes!  Click here to enroll (FREE).

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